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avatar UberFlame
Level 29 : Expert Taco
After putting this project off for a while, I've finally come back to give some life to this project I started on sometime ago... Here's some pics of the current progress on the map, enjoy...

Lore: The Empire once ruled over all the Kingdoms in the land of Elshakar, but that all changed when the Emperor was assassinated and had no true hair to the throne. The four Kingdoms soon called their banners to war to claim the throne for their own. At the most inconvenient of times the dark forces from the realm of Evil begun an invasion to bring Elshakar into total darkness. War rages everywhere. Will you choose to fight for one of the four kings? Or will you choose your own path and take the throne for yourself?

ALSO, I'm using Conquest Texture Pack, so I dont keep getting messages to what texture pack I'm using, Conquest is the best Medieval Pack out there, so I will highly suggest you use this pack to get the best middle age experience in minecraft, besides that I will very highly recommand you use Conquest with my RPG map once it is released, or you wont have the best experience. That is all.

Check the update logs for my current progress thanks :)
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Update #13 : 08/26/2015 12:57:18 pmAug 26th, 2015


Those peasants below....

09/01/2014 1:40 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Hey man, nice project you got going here! It looks like it's gonna be epic when it's complete :)

I have a youtube channel, and I make a lot of minecraft films and animations and stuff, so i'd be happy to make some cinematics for your projects, to, you know, give them more publicity. And also, I am working on a huge minecraft full-length movie, and your medieval-themed builds are just what I need. :)

Anyway, if you are interested, or need some cinematics for your amazing builds, please message me!
Hope to hear from you!

btw, can you PLEASE tell me the texture pack you're using for those pics? it looks AMAZING! :D
09/02/2014 2:20 am
Level 29 : Expert Taco
Ahhh yes cinematics would be quite intresting actually :O However that will probably come once I'm finished or at least almost finished with this project, it will take some time however, could even be A WHOLE NOTHER YEAR!!! The reason that is, is becuse im in the process in joining the Air Force and will probably go out to basic in the next 2 months, soooo the project wil be on hold for about 5 months while im gone at least, maybe even hand the project to someone while im gone don't know yet lol! But yea would be great for the future.... and the texture pack in Conquest with a few of my own addtions..
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