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EMobs - 4 New Mobs! Natural Spawning One Command [1.12]

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Kuzkay's Avatar Kuzkay
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Engineer
Command Information:
This command is made for Minecraft 1.12
It may work on 1.11.x but its not tested!

There is an Natural spawning system, so everything is survival friendly
(This is my first time doing Natural Spawning system so it may be glitchy sometimes, But it works)
10 Aqua Gems + 3 Leather = Aqua Gem Chestplate

10 Aqua Gems + Wooden sword = Aqua Gem Sword

10 Aqua Gems + Wooden Axe = Aqua Gem BattleaxeMobs:

Spawns in all biomes and caves, Able to spawn lightning to kill the enemy, Can Apply blindness to his enemy, he doesnt drop anything special besides quite good amount of xp

Spawns in all biomes, Very common in swamp biome and in caves with big amount of water, Drops 0-5 Aqua Shards and raw fish, Spawns little amount of water, Quite difficult to kill and can climb walls

Spawns in every single biome, Most popular in forests, Deals huge amount of damage with his 4 arms, Drops "Mutant skull" which gives epic effects
Besides his skull he also can drop his armor parts which are not that good

Diamond Chicken:
Only passive mob in this command, Spawns in every biome that normal chickens can spawn, Can drop Diamond Block and Diamonds, But If you decide to let him live, around every 20 minutes he will poop out an "Diamond Egg" which is just an diamond (These are most rare mob from this command)

Social Media:
Twitter: @KuzkayGames

If you want to spawn them in you can use these commands:
Eyeball: /summon Arrow ~ ~1 ~ {Tags:["sum1"]}
Aquaman: /summon Arrow ~ ~1 ~ {Tags:["sum2"]}
Diamond Chicken: /summon Arrow ~ ~1 ~ {Tags:["sum3"]}
Mutant: /summon Arrow ~ ~1 ~ {Tags:["sum4"]}

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Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Kuzkay 06/26/2017 6:15:02 pmJun 26th, 2017

- Fixed spawning bug
- Recorded a video
- Added spawn commands in the description

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