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Endless Maze

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avatar Djigallag
Level 51 : Grandmaster Artist
Endless Maze is an incredibly huge, enormously big and insanely boring stone brick labyrinth, with a size of 1802x1802 blocks. I've made it long time ago just for experiment, and now decided to make it available for everyone, who dare get to the end of it. And reward is qiute nice - the world was from old Minecraft with some mods, so land beyond the maze may look very strange.

It is advised to go through on Peaceful difficulty, or you may switch to Creative, if you're impatient.

Its a giant maze, floating in void (but beyond it world will be generated as normal)
It can be completed (in theory), it have an exit (see screenshots)
It could make a good challenge (or a worst one, i dunno)
If you'll make it through - you're definitely deserves a diamond.

You may also do with this map whatever you want, use for anything you want.
Progress100% complete
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