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Chantry Of The Holy Order Of Resurrection (Fantasia Universe Nether Spawn)

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This is the nether spawn for the server I work at, Fantasia Universe! (IP: mc.fantasiauniverse.com:25565) Being on the staff team, I I completed this project pretty much single handedly. I wanted to show it off to you guys! since it's in the nether, the render distance is abysmal (pun very much intended), but I'll do the best I can to represent it. The fog actually gives it a cool effect in game, so if you truly want to appreciate it as it was intended, I would encourage you to join up on our server, head to the nether, and type /spawn!

A little bit of lore for this build: The idea was that chapel is the last bastion belonging to an order of holy paladins, who long ago were charged with providing sanctuary to weary travellers passing through. The order is known as The Holy Order Of The Brotherhood Of Purifying Lights. As their power has declined, they can hardly keep the spread of the nether from penetrating their own domain. The last rite which they are able to perform is the resurrection of wayward souls who die in the nether, whom they restore to life at the altar in this church: The Chantry Of The Holy Order Of Resurrection.

A few views of the chantry from the outside, and of the surrounding scenery:






A couple detailed views of the stained glass windows.

Here is the side windows which dominate the transepts:


And here is the main window behind the altar in the apse:


And this is an example of the smaller windows that repeat down the aisles:


Now for a few shots of the interior!

Here is the narthex (the entrance way beneath the steeple):


Here is the view from the narthex down the nave:


This view gives a better angle of the detail that went into the masonry and the tiling in the aisles:


Inside the transept there is a nice, nether version of our server logo on the floor:


This altar (located in the apse) is the respawn point for those who die in the nether without setting a home here.


Statues of heroic paladins flank the entry to the altar, symbolically protecting it from the evils of the nether.


But unfortunately, most of them have in fact come to rest here, unable to stem the approach of evil.


And so, the last stronghold against the nether is in decline. Even so, it is safer than what lays beyond its gates. Travel carefully, lest you ever be forced to return here...or rather, be returned.

CreditI think Brax made the lamps?
Progress100% complete

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