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Flourishing Moss is an adventure map taking place in a Fantasy world.

It's a sequel to a map I've made before but it is not required to play that first to understand the story that plays out linearly.


After waking up out of a dream a small yellow being introduces themselves to you as Sphy. They tell you that you

need to go on an adventure with them to save the world, however, there are many obstacles in the way.


This map will take you through many hand-build structures and places as you explore the Kingdom slowly fighting and puzzling your way to the capital, where the long awaited endboss is waiting for you.
Approximate playtime can range between anywhere from 2-6 hours.
It makes use of a custom resource pack that's inclusive in the download and opens the moment you start up the map, but here's the manual resource pack download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mqmf2h1eh4yv8y7/Flourishing_Moss_Resource_Pack.zip/file
It's been tested but bugs are not impossible. Make sure to report any bugs you find in the map.

Use different '/function' commands to get an appropriate hint, book for if you're stuck, or turn on or off automatically playing music.


Progress95% complete

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