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Fully Automatic Brewing Station 2 (FABS2)

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pakalewffi's Avatar pakalewffi
Level 42 : Master Architect
Here is version 2 of the "Fully Automatic Brewing Station"!

Finally after 2 years I've made an update to this which is more compact, but still has similar characteristics as my original one. I've tested this out by pasting it into a fresh world and all seems to paste as it should as long as you paste it while facing "EAST".


- Paste it facing East.
- It will paste at your feet position (the block your character is standing on).
- Works in 1.10.2, I've not tried this in lower versions of Minecraft.
- More compact compared to my original one.


- Purple Section = Water Bottles, Blaze Powder for the Brewing Stand to work, Brewing Stand and potion output.
- First Red Section = Nether Wart.
- Green Section = Potions that can only be made to last longer, stronger affect, splash and lingering.
- Yellow Section = Potions that can have a "Fermented Spider Eye" added to make an alternative potion (Alternative potions are the ones labelled in grey text on the sign) these also can be made to last longer, stronger affect, splash and lingering.
- Purple Section = Weakness potion when added to water bottles. Can also be used to make alternative potions from the "Yellow Section" potions.
- Last Red Section = These ingredients are used to make the potions last longer, have a stronger affect, turn potions into splash potions and also turn potions into a lingering potions.
- When adding "Dragon's Breath" to make a lingering potion, you do NOT need to add Gun Powder first. Pressing the "Make it LINGER" button will automatically add the "Gun Powder" first to make a splash potion and it will then add the Dragon's Breath for the lingering potion..
Progress100% complete

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