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Fully Functional Military Base + Spaceport | Galacticraft 1.12.2

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A heavily fortified military complex that protects the soldiers and the spaceport's personnel from monsters. The base has a full interior with sleeping quarters, restrooms, showers, a cafeteria, a food storage area, an armory, a command center, and a sick bay. The officers and commanders of the base get nicer living & dining quarters due to their high ranking. All the systems of the base such as the energy collecting, storing, and distributing system; the fuel storing and distributing system are fully functional. For power, the base uses solar energy collected by large solar panels on the roof. For fuel, the base has two large storage tanks placed in the corners of the courtyard that supply both the gas stations and the launch pad. For defending, an array of laser turrets are installed on top of the outer wall which is connected to the main power distribution grid. Besides the main energy storage units, there are also coal-fired generators in case the solar panels fail or the collecting grid is severed. The launch complex is separated from the main building to prevent damage in the event of a rocket explosion. The two structures are connected via a bridge with a service tunnel that houses the pipes and laser turrets. The launch complex sits on four concrete pillars with a flame diverter at the center. On the main deck, where the rocket is positioned, there are two lightning towers that protect the launch vehicle from lightning strikes.

There is a smaller outpost right in front of the big complex that was built before (literally) as a foothold for the main construction. Now it serves as an auxiliary building and doesn't hold troops anymore.

Currently, this spaceport only has a "launch" pad so the builders are looking forward to building a second pad, a "receiving" pad, to receive cargo rockets coming from other planets and locations.

They are also looking forward to setting up a small farm in the immediate vicinity of the base to reduce its dependence on supplies coming from the walled settlement whom it is meant to protect.

This map requires the Galacticraft mod version 1.12.2 to run. Download the mod here: micdoodle8.com/mods/galacticraft/downloads
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01/26/2022 3:44 pm
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Yo, do you have the coords for the base, im blind and i cant find it lol
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