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Doctor Who: Harmony's End

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Hello everyone!

Harmony's End is a work in progress adventure map based off of BBC's Doctor Who. In this map, you can pilot the Tardis to 3 different locations (with a several extra ones added in for major events in the storyline). Each location will have an adventure associated with it and will tie in with the final goal of the map. The Tardis will have a large number of interior rooms to explore that are unlocked as the map progresses. Unlike what was originally planned, this map will be a two-player adventure map where one person plays as the Doctor and the other as Clara.

This map also features a fully functional Sonic Screwdriver and Sonic Blaster, both of which have multiple modes. Each mode has a different function that can help you throughout your adventures! This map will also feature some creatures that appear in Doctor Who, such as the Weeping Angels and Cybermen (full list below). Each of these creatures will act as they do in the show, including the Weeping Angels.

This map uses a built in resource pack that is bundled with the Minecraft world. Whenever the world is loaded, the resource pack is automatically applied. I am trying to remodel as few blocks as possible to keep it with the original Minecraft look. Because of this, it is recommended not to use another texture pack while playing it.

Current Status:
Updating the extremely outdated redstone and dialogue at the Bank of Karabraxos.

In the heart of the Tardis lies a star, suspended in a permanent state of collapsing in on itself and becoming a black hole. It is called the Eye of Harmony. Originally balanced against the mass of the planet Gallifrey, copies were created in order to serve as the power sources for Tardises. They create an unimaginable amount of raw Artron Energy that allows the Tardis to continue functioning.

"Clara, where are you!?" The Doctor said into his communication device.
"I'm not sure, there's a storage area up ahead. Why?" Came the reply from Clara.
"I may have accidentally set this ship on a collision course with a planet... We need to get to the Tardis!"
Clara and the Doctor both made their ways through the separate corridors of the Cyber Ship they were in as it flew towards the nearby planet. Once they met up with each other, they found the Tardis and escaped before the ship crashed. "Let me guess," Clara said once they were in the Tardis, "you thought the anti-grav controls were the light switch again."
"Yeah, basically." The Doctor said, a bit embarrassed. "But look at the bright side! At least the Cybermen can't bother those people anymore!"
Something caught Clara's attention before she could respond, something not quite noticeable, but still there. Suddenly, the cloister bells began ringing and Gallifreyan symbols started scrolling rapidly across all the displays. The Doctor rushed over to see what was wrong. "No... No, this can't be right..." He remarked about what was on the screen.
"What's wrong?" Asked Clara.
"The Eye of Harmony... It's not supposed to do this!"
"Doctor, what happened?"
"The Eye of Harmony collapsed... It just became a black hole, it's destroying the Tardis!"
The Doctor ran back to the console, where he worked furiously to save his time machine. All the doors leading out of the console room suddenly slammed down and locked themselves.

The only hope the Doctor had of recovering his time machine was to take advantage of his past adventures. Each time the Tardis materialized, it left behind some Artron Energy near both the spatial and temporal locations that it landed in. These clusters of Artron Energy can be collected with the Sonic Screwdriver or Sonic Blaster when he or Clara find them. Using his Tardis, they can find the right time and location of the Artron Energy clusters and pilot themselves there to collect it. Once the Tardis has regained enough power, it can re-suspend the Eye of Harmony in a permanent state of decay and rebuild the rooms which were destroyed.

Tardis Rooms:
  • Console Room (100%)
  • Hallways (65%)
  • Living Room (100%)
  • Coffee House (100%)
  • Kitchen (90%) (It wanders around a bit.)
  • Garage (100%)
  • Bedroom (100%)
  • Drawing Room (100%)
  • Observatory (5%)
  • Storeroom 89 (100%)
  • The bathroom sealed in a time loop due to the leaky faucet (100%)
  • Aquarium (0%)
  • Swimming Pool (90%)
  • Library (5%)
  • Architectural Reconfiguration System (The big tree thing in Journey to the Center of the Tardis) (0%)
  • The Eye of Harmony (0%)
  • 66% Overall

  • Cyberman Ship (100%)
  • The Bank of Karabraxos from Time Heist (55%) [After the events of Time Heist]
  • The Library from Silence in the Library (60%) [Before Silence in the Library]
  • Wester Drumlins from Blink (40%) [Before/During/After Blink]
  • Torchwood Hub (75%) [From Torchwood Season 2]
  • ??? (0%)
  • 55% Overall

Sonic Screwdriver Applications:
  • Ignite - Creates a Fire (100%)
  • Repair Wiring - Places a Redstone Wire (100%)
  • Destroy - Destroys Fire and Redstone Wire (100%)
  • Scan - Scans a Computer System (100%)
  • Control Systems - Hacks into a Computer System (100%)
  • Collect Artron Energy - Collects Artron Energy and sends it to the Tardis when the player finds some Artron Energy (Needs Repair)
  • Temporal Scan - Scans the surrounding area and gives the player a brief overview of their location and time period (Needs Repair)
  • 94% Overall

Sonic Blaster Applications:
  • Repair Wiring - Places a Redstone Wire (100%)
  • Destroy - Destroys Redstone Wire (100%)
  • Remove Matter - Removes blocks in a certain area (100%)
  • Replace Matter - Replaces blocks in a certain area (100%)
  • Stun - Stuns Cybermen for a short period of time (100%)
  • Collect Artron Energy - Collects Artron Energy and sends it to the Tardis when the player finds some Artron Energy (0%)
  • Temporal Scan - Scans the surrounding area and gives the player a brief overview of their location and time period (0%)
  • 71% Overall

New Creatures:
  • The Weeping Angels (100%)
  • The Vashta Nerada (100%)
  • The Cybermen (95%)
  • The Weevils (0%)
  • 74% Overall

People Building/Helping With the Map:
  • Basemaker5 (Me)
  • BaseBuilder5 (No, this is not me)
  • Venusaur2000

5/2/15: Added pictures of the Library and getting ready to write up a short summary of the storyline of the map. Also making some minor changes to the Tardis Console Room and completely remodeling the Tardis hallways to a better design made by rexiam2.

5/4/15: Added the storyline for the adventure map!

5/5/15: Updated some of the information about a few of the individual locations.

5/7/15: Removed Detonate and Fly Tardis from the Sonic Screwdriver, will add Collect Artron Energy to the Sonic Screwdriver, and changed the day/night controls on the Tardis Console. I'm also going to add a button on the Tardis console that allows you to see the amount of Artron Energy that you've collected, and a lever that turns the Tardis Basic Mode on and off for beginner pilots. Also updated a picture of the Library.

5/9/15: Added Temporal Scan to the list of Sonic Screwdriver applications and completed the Collect Artron Energy application.

5/13/15: I uploaded a new trailer showing a bunch of different parts of the map!

5/18/15: I'm currently working on improving the Tardis interior with a lot of help from rexiam2!

5/23/15: Mosty finished remodeling the garage and hallways of the Tardis. I've got a lot more done of Torchwood, as well.

6/6/15: Torchwood is nearly finished.

6/8/15: I uploaded some pictures of Torchwood. I also have the storylines planned for the Bank of Karabraxos, the Library, Wester Drumlins, and Torchwood.

8/8/15: I haven't updated this page in awhile, but I've still been working on the map! The Bank of Karabraxos is almost nearing completion! I've uploaded some pictures of the new areas of the bank along with some custom items!

8/16/15: I found a way to add the Daleks to this map, and I've begun making them. Hopefully it ends up working!

9/22/15: Updated the percentages of how complete the locations are.

11/3/15: The updates are in the update log.

11/4/15: I realized that even though I meant to post a new video for the map, the old video was still on here. I fixed that and added the new video to this page.

11/29/15: Added the observatory to the Tardis Rooms list, added France and London to the Locations list, and updated the percentages of completion for everything, including the Sonic Screwdriver.

4/22/16: (See update log)

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or Torchwood those belong to BBC.
Progress65% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by Basemaker5 09/11/2016 7:15:09 pmSep 11th, 2016

Things Changed:
- Rather than breaking this map into four parts, this will be the only part of Harmony's End (but if I have time and continue it I will make more similar Doctor Who maps)
- I removed some old pictures and added new ones from the map!
- Torchwood is back in the map!
- Updated the completeness of the locations, rooms, creatures, the Sonic Screwdriver, and the Sonic Blaster
- Updated the overall map completeness (by actually calculating it this time, not as much guesswork)
- Removed the link to the trailer, it was very outdated

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Icon Of Nevermore
09/13/2016 12:48 am
Level 30 : Artisan Magical Girl
Icon Of Nevermore's Avatar
This looks amazing! Nice Job.
04/23/2016 6:23 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Narwhal
Daddy_Cage's Avatar
I have a friend that worked on one of the first Dr Who adventure maps. I could hook you up with him if you want to get some suggestions, such as how to make a 1x1 working tardis. PM me or reply if you want to know more.

I'm excited for this because his is finished and he is done working on it. New Dr. Who content is few & far between.
11/03/2015 10:23 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Crafter
ChazPark13's Avatar
I am SO excited to see how this turns out and will download it the second it comes out! Keep up the good work and finish it soon!!!
11/03/2015 10:22 pm
Level 83 : Elite Artist
SCtester's Avatar
That is so incredible! Amazing job. :D
09/04/2015 10:24 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
rexiam2's Avatar
We are looking for ideas for the series 2 and 7 maps. If you have a twist for one of the episodes you think would do good as part of an adventure map, comment on this post and you will get credit in the map if we choose it.
Explorer Paul
08/25/2015 12:39 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
Explorer Paul's Avatar

-Exp Paul
08/27/2015 6:17 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Engineer
Basemaker5's Avatar
It's only me and two other people working on it, so it's coming along slowly, although it's turning out well so far!
Explorer Paul
08/27/2015 8:20 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
Explorer Paul's Avatar
I really am looking forward to this! Thanks for making it :P
05/11/2015 5:02 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
BigBoss's Avatar
This looks freaking amazing I would love to play it!
05/13/2015 6:23 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Engineer
Basemaker5's Avatar
Thank you! I'm not sure when exactly it will be ready for download, but it's coming along well so far!