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Funtazer's Free Halloween Haunted Victorian Mansion

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Funtazer's Avatar Funtazer
Level 50 : Grandmaster Artist
Hello everyone, it's me, Funtazer, back again with another Minecraft build!

This time I've made a spooky little Halloween Victorian for you guys to use. Its got a full interior decorated, four separate floors, and plenty of room for expansion! There are bedrooms, a dining room, a living room, a chest room, and a tower for you to look out at the world from! There are an assortment of mob heads for you to use and decorate with! There are also some spawners inside the home, so if you use this in a survival game with your friends or by yourself, you'll have a ready supply of some pretty nice items...

Check out the YouTube video Here:

The mansion is mostly built of Nether Update blocks, so make sure you're playing in 1.16 when using this build! I'm providing the build as a schematic file, which is usable with the amazing WorldEdit mod! The best part, is that this schematic is entirely FREE! Just click the "download schematic" button above! You can place it anywhere inside your world!

The design of the build was inspired by Victorian style houses, which are really pretty and, for some reason, are almost always the haunted houses :)

Billoxiiboy made me an amazing new video showcasing this build! He's amazing at cinematics, and I highly encourage everyone to check out his page here at PlanetMinecraft! Also, don't forget to check out his very recent interview with/by PlanetMinecraft, where he answers many interesting questions about his Minecraft life!

Check me out on Planet Minecraft, where I have lots of downloads and great builds!
Check out my Youtube, where I show every build I've ever done on video!
Also check me out on Fiverr! Just go to my YouTube video above in YouTube, and check the description for a link to me Fiverr! Or, search my name, "funtazer", on the Fiverr website!

Shaders are Sildur's Vibrant Shaders!
Texturepack is Vanilla!
Music in from this video is by Private Hell Productions! Check them out!
Voice work is done by my son, Wolf! Thank you Wolf!
Progress100% complete

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Update #2 : by Funtazer 10/30/2020 3:09:24 pmOct 30th, 2020

Added new video embed to a video made by Billoxiiboy for me!

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12/17/2020 8:34 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Artist
CASS Architecture Lab
CASS Architecture Lab's Avatar
AHhh thank you so much for this:D I can't wait to go through it!!
10/22/2020 7:52 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Mlem Mlem Bat
billoxiiboy's Avatar
Looks Beautiful Funtazer! Like a Christine McConnell House. Awesome job :D
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