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Gang Beasts in Minecraft (Java Edition)

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BerryPenguins's Avatar BerryPenguins
Level 40 : Master Nether Knight
After 2 Months, Me and PenguinBob12 have Finally finished the 1st Version of "Gang Beasts in Minecraft"! -- Scroll to Bottom for Install Method

2nd Version out Now! 7+ Maps, Additional Achievements and Several Bug Fixes.

Map Trailer:

Click Here!

- Java Edition Map
- 2-4 Players
- You'll need to Select the Map Everytime You Start another Round
- Map was Built in 1.19.3 (Might not Work For Future Versions)
- More Notices in Game! (Click Rules Button)

The Game:
If you Haven't played Gang Beasts (On Steam) then Basically it's a Sandbox Fighting sim with Interesting Maps, Characters, Sounds and Mechanics.
We've tried to recreate Most Features in Minecraft and I would Say They Came Out Working Well.

- Grab: Crouch Near another Player in Game for 3-5 seconds whilst the "|||Shift|||" Meter is Green to Carry them On Your Head, From there you Can Attack Them To KO Them. However if Another Player is Shifting whilst the Shift Meters Green it will Cancel your Shift Meter Out. Using this, if You've been Grabbed, Crouch to Break Free Quicker cause as soon as the Shift Meter runs Out, You'll be Dropped.
- KO (KnockOut): Every Time you Hit Another Player, there's an 1/8th Chance they Can Get Knocked Out. This will Stun and Blind them for 3 Seconds.
(They Will have Grey Chestplate if There Knocked Out)
- Climb: If You Crouch and then Jump half A Second Later next to a Cyan Coloured Wool Block, you Will Be Teleported Up 1 Block which You Then Need to Jump Again and Move Forwards to Climb On Top of the Ledge. (Cyan Wool Blocks dotted Randomly around All Maps)
- Drowning: If Your heads Submerged after 5-7 Seconds if Being in Water, You Will Die. If You Keep your Head Above Water Whilst being in Water,
You Will Be Pulled down and Killed. However when you Escape the Water's Grasp Hold Jump or you Will Most Likely be Teleported back into The Water.

Maps (14):
- Construction: Lots of Places to Climb, Working Death Chute
- Incinerator: Unique Areas, Working Conveyor Belt
- Aquarium: Good Sight Seeing, Working Squid Mouth Death
- Trucks: Moving Scenery, Moving Road
- Vents: 10-15 Seconds Alternating Spinning Fans (Levitation)
- RoofTop: Breakable Glass, Particles
- Grinders: Working Crushers, Unique Areas
- Elevators: Different Y Levels
- Containers: Unique Spawns, Involves Water Death Mechanic
- Trawler: Open Map, Working Sharks that pull you Under
- LightHouse: Unique Spawns
- Chimneys: Working Bridge Breaking Sequence, Unique Areas
- BillBoard: Unique Areas, Lots of Places to Climb
- Blimp: Unique Areas, Open Map

Gang Beasts in Minecraft (Java Edition) Minecraft Map

There's Many Secrets in Lobby and Out (In Maps). These can Give You Cosmetics, Achievements or Unlock Secret Areas!
- Wardrobe: Right Click The Blue Doors in Lobby to Enter The Wardrobe and Select Your Desired Hat or The Default Trail (More Trails Found Elsewhere)

Gang Beasts in Minecraft (Java Edition) Minecraft Map

- Football: Just as in The Original Gang Beasts game, You Can Play Football On and Off Easily (The Ball Can't just Access the Goals ;) ).

Gang Beasts in Minecraft (Java Edition) Minecraft Map

- Stars: In Lobby, Under The Stairs, You can Alter whether the Games Winner is First to 3, or First to 5 Stars!

- The Ring: In Lobby, You can Find "The Ring" Opposite the Football Pitch, In Here you can Practice against a Practice Dummy (Spawned With Buttons Left of The Back Stairs).

- Story Mode: Coming Soon

Map Creators:

How to Install on Java Edition:

Click Here for Tutorial! (Not Mine)

If You've looked this Far, Here's a Notice:
Search the Garbage under Stairs ;)
CreditPenguinBob12, AgentXL10, lemonlegs8444, BluexWolfee, TheBluePython
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Update V2.0 : by BerryPenguins 08/09/2023 10:09:38 amAug 9th, 2023

Now Added:
7 New Maps and Achievements.
"Story Mode Coming Soon" Now has Become "Wave Mode Coming Soon" and a Couple Small Bugs have been Patched aswell!

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01/04/2023 6:16 pm
Level 1 : New Collective
5VH's Avatar
this is sick can't wait to play and see the trailer
08/11/2023 3:05 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Th4tz_Fern's Avatar
download is now available!1!!
02/07/2024 12:23 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
cited's Avatar
ich habe eine frage bei mir steht dass man es nicht einfügen kann und ich dachte ihr kenntsie vileicht
02/25/2024 10:45 am
Level 40 : Master Nether Knight
BerryPenguins's Avatar
08/12/2023 7:39 am
Level 32 : Artisan Sus
PenguinBob12's Avatar
Indeed! hope you enjoy.