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GlowStone City Adventure Map

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Diamond XF
Level 10 : Journeyman Toast
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**Almost complete - Should be fully playable but a few tweaks need to make the story smooth**

Please give it a Diamond and feedback and support are really important to me; I will read all the comment, and reply! finally check out my YouTube channel please and subscribe!

Soartex Fanver is the Texture pack used here!

Diamond XF


Additional Notes

Diamond XF

Monday 2nd April 2012 - reach 100 Downloads
Progress: 100% Complete

Update - V0.9.8 : 11/19/2012 4:55:41 pm11/19/12

Map fully playable and story line almost complete!

Update - V0.9.5 : 10/17/2012 1:10:13 pm10/17/12

Added loads of stuff and I am going to start to get back into this project - now playable to the end! Completed in the Xmas Holidays.

Update - V0.9 : 04/28/2012 10:44:57 am4/28/12

In This Update:

  • Added massive GlowStone Temple to game - not yet finished

Known Mistakes: Still lava missing from dungeon and I know there is maps in your invo - Im working on the story line

Update - V0.8.4, V0.8.5 : 04/08/2012 4:54:09 pm4/08/12

In This Update:

  • Fixed Redstone contraptions
  • Added signs to help storyline
  • Fixed all bugs so far with the story line (a lot!)

  • Added desert city
  • Finished the cyan tower
  • Finished the Redstone Lamp generator

  • Worked lodes on the cyan tower
  • Added stairs to cyan tower
  • Added ladder to cyan tower
  • Made lava dungeon more easier and epic
  • Added gravel path leading to blocked off water room
  • Added fountain of hope (ironic meaning coming soon)
  • Added desert city fence
  • Added desert city torches (a lot)
  • Added ditch to desert city
  • Added secrete entrance using fountain of hope

BUG: Lava is not in the dungeon - water filled it and made obsiden, It is now fixed in next update.

Update - V0.8.1, V0.8.2, V0.8.3 : 04/02/2012 11:27:53 am4/02/12

In This Update:

MAJOR UPDATE; because I haven't updated it in a while, soz ppl!!!

  • Fixed water in tunnel
  • Added GSC farm
  • Worked lodes on redstone stuff
  • Change break here sign
  • Add earth to the fence to GSC to climb up
  • Fixed hidden entrance in the castle
  • Spell pyramid right in the tower - durp

  • Change the sign in the pyramid to say go to the castle
  • Change pressure plates to wood in castle for disks
  • Add repeater to make redstone go longer to the GCS supplus (for music disks)
  • Finish off creeper face and trap door
  • Imported the "bat cave" elevator
  • Added lava tunnel

  • Added check point beds and signs
  • Added massive lave dungeon
  • Add sign to say take all flint and steel with you at the start
  • Move signs in tunnel to the wall
  • Make all the tunnel all stone and not earth
  • Killed population because there was wayyy to many villagers
  • Added cyan tower
  • Added "generator" to cyan tower which powers the lamps inside and out once activated.

I am working now on finishing the story line and adding the maps to say thing on it, map should be completed by at the latest Friday!

Update - V0.7 : 03/31/2012 12:28:52 pm3/31/12

In This Update:

  • Added disk to Red Brick Pyramid
  • Outlined city wall stairs and added a hint to get there
  • Completed the tunnel to glowstone city
  • Added the GSC (GlowStone City) Mayor talking (signs)

  • Added secrete entrance into the castle and a pressure pad to open it in the pyramid.
  • Fixed the burning of the inn when you burn down the strip club
  • Made once burning down the strip club more neat
  • Working on a fully working glowstone "generator" on a different world to import in later

Update - V0.6 : 03/30/2012 6:02:49 pm3/30/12

In This update:

  • Added interior design to all building
  • Added signposts
  • Added small pond near castle
  • Added Bench's to city
  • Added farm/garden to GlowStone Manor
  • Added secrete bonus room! muwhahah!!!!!
  • Added sticky Piston trap door to the creep face (Red Roof Mine Cart)

Update - V0.5.1 : 03/30/2012 12:11:27 pm3/30/12

Forgot to switch it to survival mode - durp! Sorry people.

Update - V0.5 : 03/30/2012 11:24:10 am3/30/12

In This Update:

  • Added Music Disk story line
  • Added a dungeon to the Red Roof Mine cart
  • Made a cooler Tunnel getting to the city (because it took forever to burn the wool)
  • In the dungeon there is are Redstone lamps and a cool Creeper face

  • Added Train station for later update
  • Added Nether brick maze (as part of music disk story line)
  • Took away lava from castle (because it was burning wool inside)
  • added stairs to the Wall (part of story line)

Update - V0.4 : 03/28/2012 11:03:00 am3/28/12

In this update:
  • Improved blacksmith
  • Added more building
  • Added Castle (imported using MC edit)

  • Flattened city
  • Added more street lamps
  • added inn (with a surprise)
  • Started to work on a story line (but not noticeable yet)
  • Blocked off Glowstone generator (for story line)

Update - V0.3 : 03/27/2012 11:07:45 am3/27/12

In this Update:
  • Replaced Building (A lot)

  • Added Lookout Tower
  • Flatten half of GlowStone City.
  • Added Blacksmith with Glowstone Generator to come
  • Added Water Fountains
  • Added more Glowstone "Street lamps"

  • Added Lovely gravel path
  • Nicer looking city overall

But more is still to come, this is only updated because I am updating it daily! Don't worry the city should be build be Friday (0.6)

Update - V0.2 : 03/25/2012 2:14:39 pm3/25/12

in this update:
  • Added glowstone to GlowStone City wall.
  • Fortified GlowStone City wall with obsidian.
  • Minecart Tower completed main entrance.
  • added support (hints).
  • changed the wool entrance appearance.
  • Added "welcome note".
  • Added dock for future update.
  • added fence to gravel path leading to the dock.
  • made the wool tunnel more hidden.

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