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Great Gates of Azulon | Rokucraft

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Rokucraft's Avatar Rokucraft
Level 57 : Grandmaster Network
What is Rokucraft?

We are a small team of crazy Avatar fans and building addicts.
Our goal is recreating the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender on a scale close to 1:1.

We already have a big part of the map and a lot of structures that are nearing completion.
You can also become part of Rokucraft by applying on our website!

Expect a lot more from us soon!

The Great Gates of Azulon guard the sea entrance to the Fire Nation Capital. Built early in Fire Lord Azulon's reign, the gates are notable for having a large net guard the main entrance, which is ignited when used, as well as for the statues of Azulon and two dragons that carry the net.

Progress100% complete

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06/10/2020 4:03 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Warrior
Mileonas_Lionclaw's Avatar
You should totally make it a modded server with the avatar mod!!! that would be so badass!! or make a seperate server.... but thats just me... '^_^7
06/14/2020 5:28 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Network
Rokucraft's Avatar
Hi! This was actually a plan back all the way in 2014. We had some contacts with the makers of the last blockbender mod. Unfortunately after that one got inactive, we realized that our server would have to depend on the modders to update their mod (which as you can see takes quite some time!). We therefore preferred to have more liberty, instead of being fully dependant on the mods and their modders. We work with a lot of awesome plugins though! A great substitute to mods.
03/22/2021 2:37 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Warrior
Mileonas_Lionclaw's Avatar
well, depending on the version of your world, you could use the 1.12.2 mod avatar: out of the iceberg. personally, I prefer it to the 1.7 mod due to the animations and bending. it's a really great mod and it's still being updated, however je most recent version had to have waterbending removed temporarily due to bugs and stuff, as well as similar abilities from other bending. butt the easy fix is to use an older version, but i suggest you check it out. sorry for rambling tho... ^_^7
07/25/2018 2:07 pm
Level 42 : Master Technomancer
Giancarlovan's Avatar

That net was absolutely creative.
I also really like how you made Azulon boxy XD

(You should try and make an Azulon skin, or maybe some other avatar skins too)
09/29/2014 1:06 am
Level 21 : Expert Explorer
GabrielMunllanWoW's Avatar
you should do a ba-sing-se map but make it round unlike the curent one in existance
08/24/2014 11:47 am
Level 48 : Master Pirate
Oskeyarr's Avatar
08/23/2014 7:28 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Artist
Sharelore's Avatar
haha, looks cool!
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