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The Beifong Estate - Toph's Home | Rokucraft

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The Beifong Estate - Toph's Home | Rokucraft Minecraft MapThe Beifong Estate

The Beifong Estate is found near the great city of Gaoling. Home to Lao and Poppy Beifong and their mysterious daughter, Toph, the House of the Flying Boar is well known for its noble history in the Earth Kingdom. One of the richest estates in the Earth Kingdom, the Beifong Estate features locations such as a beautiful garden out front and the dojo where Master Yu would've attempted to instruct Toph Beifong in her Earthbending training, that is until it was discovered just how powerful of a bender she actually was. This is where Team Avatar traveled to in order to find Aang his Earthbending teacher. Toph would run away from the restrictive rules and safety of the estate in order to help him master the four elements.

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The Beifong Estate - Toph's Home | Rokucraft Minecraft Map
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Sehr schön
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Beautiful build ❤️
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