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Haunted house with redstone puzzles

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Oatmealmonkey's Avatar Oatmealmonkey
Level 28 : Expert Fish
A haunted house adventure that starts with an underground haunted house facade. The player enters a maze by activating a redstone door on the front of the house which leads into redstone puzzle section, which looks like a house interior. They must find and press all 4 buttons to open a redstone door and escape. Armor stand jump scares await them at every turn.

Button 1: walk down a halloween-colored hallway and have a skeleton armor stand jump out of the ceiling at you.
Button 2: complete a spooky parkour through a ghost-filled library.
Button 3: Complete a cake-eating puzzle to reveal a hidden button.
Button 4: Using clues from armor stands scattered around the build, place the correct number of potions in 3 brewing stands to reveal a hidden button.
All built in survival minecraft after being designed in creative. Towny blocks mob spawning, allowing darker areas without mobs.

World download has been stripped of its surrounding rock and dirt, so you can blend it into your own world. If you build it in a different world, make sure to have mob spawns off, and, more importantly, make sure firetick is off or there is something else in place to prevent the whole thing from burning down. If you build it in a towny, make sure there is a region of the interior part that is not claimed, (preferably a well lit region, such as the dining room,) so you can lose hunger.
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10/31/2018 11:10 am
Level 70 : Legendary Cyborg
Cyprezz's Avatar
Looks fun, is this only on the MagnaRisa server or can you provide a downloadable map?
11/01/2018 4:16 pm
Level 28 : Expert Fish
Oatmealmonkey's Avatar
I'm almost done getting a downloadable done
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