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Hedge Legends | 1.19.x PvP with Custom Objectives

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Strongis13 avatar Strongis13
Level 16 : Journeyman Imposter
Become a Hedge Legend!
Enter the hedge maze with up to 2 other players to search for gear and treasure! Along the way you will encounter monsters, puzzles, and bosses that you must solve or defeat. Gold can be acquired from chests around the map as well as from killing monsters. Use the gold at the item shops in the center of the map to purchase gear, weapons, enchants, and tokens to summon the bosses. You must also watch out for other players, as they will try to kill your teammates and take your gear. The first team to defeat all 4 bosses and place their heads on the pedestals in the center wins!

-Maximum of 8 teams with up to 3 players per team | 24 players total
-Tutorial can be activated from the lobby with command /trigger tutorial
-Randomly generated loot every round
-4 unique bosses with custom loot, each located at one of the 4 region-specific beacons
-Item shops at the center of the map, different item shops in each region

Map Info
-Versions: 1.19+ Map is saved in 1.19 but will work in other 1.19.x versions.
-Servers: Vanilla and Paper are tested and working. Paper forks are untested!
-Github: Here you can find a github link to the Datapack.

Message me on discord @Strongis13#6811 or join our server discord.gg/pong and go to #minecraft
CreditStrongis13, Jarmzie, VeryLyfeless, Dragonking1355, panderz14, ChiefCo1, Flare199
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

v1.0.1 Update : by Strongis13 03/22/2023 11:14:21 pmMar 22nd

-fixed a bug which caused the sacrificed shrine items to drop on the ground instead of being deleted when a shrine was completed
-fixed a bug which caused the head jack item to not work properly when used against Team Pufferfish or Team Creeper

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