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M.F.S. Hellas CVA-01

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By 51 M.C.(2194 AD), in the wake of recontact with Earth it became apparent that the Mars Sphere required a way to defend itself and insure its sovereignty. The 51 M.C.(2195) Rearmament Act saw the creation of a new navy to protect Mars. As part of the act various carrier designs were submitted to the Martian Naval Council but each one was struck down as either unfit for duty or vastly over budget. Until in late 52 M.C. when a proposal was submitted to convert Mercury type cargo and passenger vessels into hybrid attack carriers. Though it lacked some of the requested hangar space the design more than made up for it by carrying 112 Lancer, and 60 HASM missiles. As well as coming in vastly under budget.

And so from Taurus 52 M.C.(January 2196) to Mesha 55 M.C. (August 2199) 12 Mercury type vessels were converted into combat capable carriers, the first being christened the CVA-01 Hellas in 56 M.C. (2201). The ships proved capable in simulated combat and quickly became the pride of the Phobos and Deimos fleets. In mid 59 M.C. (2208) some of the vessels would see their fighter and drone complements quietly exchanged for the new MSA-106B Zmiy mobile suits to begin space warfare testing around Jupiter.

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great! so beautiful
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Thank you!