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The Wizarding World of Minecraft! That's the name of the game! And getting there is no easy task... We are currently a server recreating Hogwarts to fit the Warner Bros. Studio version as best we can... With a few deviations, of course. Minecraft isn't the best platform for recreating such an intricate creation!

The server will not be *super* open to the public till we've had a few things concerning the operations -sorted- out... (get it?)

The end goal for this project? - Essentially, we want to create a Role Playing world which mirrors J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World. Eventually we plan on branching out to the Ministry of Magic, Wizarding villages, Diagon Alley, King's Cross Station, Hogsmeade, and bits of London! And on top of all these, loads of specialty locations. There will be a conducive sorting system along with loads of quests and spell learning opportunities! You will be able to choose your path after Hogwarts as you go along the path of darkness or the path of light... You will find adventure either way!

All that is end goal though... Right now we're just working on getting Hogwarts itself done! Which means building a super massive castle with hundreds of rooms and possibilities! We're 'nearing' the end of the exterior build phase. When we finish, it'll be time to start adding some of those common rooms, classrooms, secret dueling areas, and *Insert imaginative and fanciful room here*!

The texture pack we're currently using is a slight deviation from the MCME Eriador resource pack. Slowly but sure, we're moving away from their pack as we strive for an original resource pack.

What is currently needed? Java Developers, Texture Pack Artists and CONFIDENT Voxellers!!!! As we move into the interior building phase we will soon need builders... But we are currently finishing the tedious task of accurate exterior creation, which takes precision Viggy and myself (Ark) only trust to each other... And even then we question one other! If you are interested in the current available positions on our server, contact me here! :)

Project Leadership:
Founder/Build Leader - Arkengarde
Server Host/Build Leader/Lead Developer - ViggyIggy
Enforcement and Labor - Mandolore100
Special Labor - Mingthemusical
And countless other helpers I can't even begin to list! I look forward to expanding our team as this project turns more public!!! :D
Progress25% complete

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08/13/2018 10:29 am
Level 1 : New Miner
cake1sal1e avatar
This looks really cool! Definitely one of the best castles I've seen.
06/14/2018 9:48 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Gracie7402 avatar
I would love to help! I’m not very advanced but I can help with exterior and interior building and designs.
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