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Instant Structures One Command Creation

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Hey, it's EnderDurant and today I am bringing you another One Command Creation!  This One Command Creation adds in stuctures that you can quickly and easily add into your world!  This includes an enchanting room, a micro survival house, 2 different farms and a quick downwards mineshaft! 
Please do not redistribute this command.  If you would like to share it, please give a link to this page.  You may use this command in youtube videos, just mention my name (EnderDurant) and leave a link to this page in the description!  

To craft these items throw the listed items onto the ground in the same block! 
Instant Survival Structure: Crafted with 15 wooden planks and 2 furnaces.
Wheat/Potato/Carrot Farm: Crafted with 32 wheat seeds and 20 wood logs.
Melon/Pumpkin Farm: Crafted with 10 each of pumpkin and melon seeds.
Instant Mineshaft: Crafted with an iron pickaxe and an iron shovel.
Instant Enchanting Room: Crafted with 21 bookshelves and 1 enchanting table.

How to Use  
To install this One Command Creation, press the world save button in the top right corner of the post. It will take you to a google document page.  Then copy the command using Ctrl C.  Then go into minecraft and type this command (without quotes) "/give @p minecraft:command_block 1"  Then (in creative mode) place the command block down.  Then paste the command into the block by right clicking it and pressing Ctrl V.  Then power the command block with redstone.  It will build a machine.  The command creation is now installed!  

This One Command Creation was made using MrGarretto's Command Combiner.  
This One Command Creation was made by EnderDurant.

Creator's Note
I know that this will seem very simple and easy to build to many of you, but I assure you it wasn't easy to make!  It is quite difficult to make complex /setblock and /fill systems and to make sure that everything fits together properly.  I hope you understand! :)
CreditEnderDurant MrGarretto's Command Combiner
Progress100% complete

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