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Isla Nublar 2015 with Camp Cretaceous Locations

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toughlondonman1's Avatar toughlondonman1
Level 45 : Master Toast
Hello Guys its me toughlondonman with another Jurassic World map, this map is a recreation of Isla Nublar fro jurassic word made in worldpainter. In the download link youll get a zip file which contains the world file and the worldpainter file if you want to hop in and tweak the world youself. Youll spawn on the south docks where the ferry lands which is the perfect start to make you jurassic map. all of the main areas with structures is flat which helps you build faster without having to teraform. You can aos add soem of my other schematics like the Innovation center, which is on my profile to help you get started.
Besides the primary Image some are outdated and i will add new ones once i get the time
Backup Mediafire Link (WIP)

MediaFIre Link For the buildingless map
South Dock
Main Street/Lagoon
Gallimimus Valley
Gyrosphere Valley Plains (The huge plains area in the west which can also have treetop gazers and triceratops territory.)
Cretaceous Cruise
Avairy Mountain
Owens Bungalow Lake (the elavated area around the Cruise exit
Raptor Paddock Cliff
Fallen Kingdom Cliff
Mount Sibo
Toros Hunting Grounds from Camp Cretaceous Season 2
The Restricted Area (the area with the dirt paths)
The Watering Hole
The Indominus Rex Paddock (the Gravel spot in the northern part of the island)
North Dock
The Stone Field from CC season 2
The Waterfall Zack and Grey Jump Off
The Golf Course
Progress100% complete

5 Update Logs

Update #5 : by toughlondonman1 11/02/2021 10:46:34 amNov 2nd, 2021

theres a lot of snow around the map but it should b removed by the next update

Added Walkways around the lagoon and the innovation centers foundation
Added mosasaurus stadium
Added Cretaceous cruise paddocks
Added camp cretaceous
Added part of the camp cretaceous zip line
Added quarentine paddocks
Added south dock
Added gyrosphere monorail station
added the avairy
Added both creteceous cruise stations
Added hotel (will probabbly be replaced)
Added fallen knigdom gates
Added ruined visitors center

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03/15/2023 3:56 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Godzilla2024's Avatar
Could you make it a mcworld.zip please and thank you
08/03/2022 1:52 am
Level 24 : Expert Miner
PxelGhast's Avatar
Part of the map is corrupted (Terrain is generating in the air and through structures) and I recommend adding signposts to point to structures on the map because I spent a few hours trying to find structures and I only found the Aviary and Camp Cretacous. (Update #5)
12/21/2021 6:45 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Architect
Deoxyr's Avatar
It keeps getting better!
11/02/2021 9:03 am
Level 47 : Master Engineer
MrGojiBoi's Avatar
are you done toughlondonman1?
11/02/2021 10:26 am
Level 45 : Master Toast
toughlondonman1's Avatar
I got burned out from minecraft a few months ago but imma bout to start back up soon so expect the map by janaury
11/02/2021 7:47 pm
Level 47 : Master Engineer
MrGojiBoi's Avatar
10/01/2021 10:56 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Noob77790's Avatar
I have a question, what version is it for?
10/03/2021 10:08 pm
Level 45 : Master Toast
toughlondonman1's Avatar
the map is for version 1.12.2 but if you want to use it newer versions, make sure to load it in 1.12.2 first then port it up
08/19/2021 1:42 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Crafter
MariOharaUeharaShiny's Avatar
Hello I'm wondering if I can use this world for a map I'm making I will give credit and link to this post when it's done
08/19/2021 10:47 am
Level 45 : Master Toast
toughlondonman1's Avatar
of course you can use the world, thats what I made it for
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