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Isla Nublar 2015 with Camp Cretaceous Locations

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toughlondonman1 avatar toughlondonman1
Level 21 : Expert Toast
Hello Guys its me toughlondonman with another Jurassic World map, this map is a recreation of Isla Nublar fro jurassic word made in worldpainter. In the download link youll get a zip file which contains the world file and the worldpainter file if you want to hop in and tweak the world youself. Youll spawn on the south docks where the ferry lands which is the perfect start to make you jurassic map. all of the main areas with structures is flat which helps you build faster without having to teraform. You can aos add soem of my other schematics like the Innovation center, which is on my profile to help you get started.
MediaFIre Link if The link gets taken down:
South Dock
Main Street Lagoon
Gallimimus Valley
Gyrosphere Valley Plains (The huge plains area in the west which can also have treetop gazers and triceratops territory.)
Cretaceous Cruise
Avairy Mountain
Raptor Paddock Cliff
Fallen Kingdom Cliff
Mount Sibo
Toros Hunting Grounds from Camp Cretaceous Season 2
The Restricted Area (the area with the dirt paths)
The Watering Hole
The Indominus Rex Paddock (the Gravel spot in the northern part of the island
North Dock
The Stone Fields from CC season 2
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 02/23/2021 3:52:28 pmFeb 23rd

Added the stone field from CC season2
Fixed the Galli Valley Mountains
Edited the banks of the watering hole
Reworked the Roads in the restricted Zone
Added rocks to the cliffs of the raptor pen and fallen kingdom cliff
added the north dock
added staff roads
added new camp cretaceous area

01/27/2021 3:44 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Felisaurus 2
Felisaurus 2 avatar
Where is the area for the camp cretaceous ?
01/27/2021 4:21 pm
Level 21 : Expert Toast
toughlondonman1 avatar
it can be placed in the restricted area, perfreably in the middle of it, and i left it flat so you can place whatever custom trees you wanna use
01/27/2021 7:18 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Felisaurus 2
Felisaurus 2 avatar
And as the last 3 questions:
1Where could I put the abandoned facilities of jurassic park?
2Where could you put the golf courses?
And 3 Where could I put the bull enclosure and the second cretaceous cruise (The subway)?

Greetings from Argentina :)
01/27/2021 8:53 pm
Level 21 : Expert Toast
toughlondonman1 avatar
id build the abandon visitors center somewhere in the middle of the junge to the east of gyrosphere vally
id put the golf course behind the hotels like in the offical jw map
and idk where to put the undergroudnc rusie we saw in cc since it makes no sense on any map of nublar
02/24/2021 12:39 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Felisaurus 2
Felisaurus 2 avatar
Is that lake next to the mountain where the cloud island river ends is the location of the aviary?
02/25/2021 9:43 am
Level 21 : Expert Toast
toughlondonman1 avatar
Yeah its the mountian right at the end of the cruise with the path going up to it
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