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Japanese battleship Kongo 金剛 (1944 configuration)

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The map download is actually a zip file containing a litematic file.

1:1 scale Minecraft build of the Japanese battlecruiser/battleship Kongō.

Laid down in 1911 at Barrow-in-Furness in Britain by Vickers Shipbuilding Company, and commissioned into the Imperial Japanese navy in 1913, she was the first ship of the Kongō class battlecruisers. One of the most powerfully armed capital ships in the world, as she was the first ship to be armed with 14 inch (36cm) guns.

She spent her early career during WWI patrolling the Chinese coast, and during the 1920's and 1930's, she underwent two major reconstructions. Starting in 1929 through 1935, she was rebuilt as a battleship, strengthening her armor, lengthening her by 8 meters, and improving her speed from 27 to 30 knots (~35 mph or 55 km/h). She was also equipped with launch catapults for launching floatplanes. Her superstructure was completely rebuilt, replacing her old tripod mast, with the pagoda style of mast commonly found on other Japanese capital ships.

During WWII, Kongō fought in many major naval actions of the Pacific War during World War II. She covered the Japanese Army's amphibious landings in British Malaya and the Dutch East Indies in 1942, before engaging American forces at the Battle of Midway and during the Guadalcanal Campaign, with one notable action she took during this time being the bombardment of Henderson Field. Throughout 1943, Kongo primarily remained at Truk Lagoon in the Caroline Islands, Kure Naval Base, Sasebo Naval Base, and Lingga Roads, and deployed several times in response to American aircraft carrier air raids on Japanese island bases scattered across the Pacific. Kongō participated in the Battle of the Philippine Sea and the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944, engaging and sinking American vessels in the latter.

Kongō would meet her end when she was torpedoed and sunk by the submarine USS Sealion while transiting the Formosa Strait on 21 November 1944. She was the only Japanese battleship sunk by submarine in WWII, and second longest surviving member of her class.

In Minecraft, she is currently in her 1944 configuration, with her towering pagoda mast, aircraft catapults, and considerable anti-aircraft armament, which is made up of mostly 25mm Type 96 AA guns and a few 127mm/40 Type 89 DP guns. She retains half of her original secondary battery, only carrying 8 6 inch (155mm) guns mounted in casemates, 4 per side, instead of 16, which is why there are empty cutouts in the hull for casemates.

Hope you enjoy : )

Sources and info taken from Wikipedia: Japanese battleship Kongō - Wikipedia
Renders made using Chunky.
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Update #2 : by Saladcakes 08/28/2021 12:35:05 amAug 28th, 2021

Also thanks guys for the diamonds, dang. I only joined like 3 days ago. I'll keep making ships if I got time.

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06/15/2023 7:28 am
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cant download it sorry
08/25/2021 7:50 pm
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I made one, so you can download the schematic now. : )
08/25/2021 7:50 pmhistory
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sick, make some schematics
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