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Judicator-class Battlecruiser - Silver Empire Battlecruiser [Movecraft]

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Author's note

This ship is an original Silver Empire battlecruiser for the movecraft plugin. It was built in the context of an AU to the Airship Pirates world me and a few people were working on for a while, in which the War of Aquisition lasted for longer than anticipated after the Silver Empire successfully scuttled South Haven to prevent its capture. The ship is a revision of my Praetor-class Battlecruiser with a different main armament composition. The guns are, this time, purely my design.

You may use or modify this vessel on your server, builds, and others but be sure to credit me and link the ship if possible. Thank you!

Background [​Winds of War AU]:

The Judicator-class finds its roots in the Silver Empire's Fleet Modernization Program of 757 AED, following the success of new vessels such as the Mk3 Light Cruisers and Assertor-class Battleships proving the need for a new fleet of varried ship types using modern technologies for the Empire. Within the building program, the most ambitious quota to meet was the construction of the "Nines", a fleet of eighteen frontline capital ships - nine fast battleships and nine battlecruisers. With the nine battlecruisers prioritized due to their smaller size compared to the larger battleships - of which there were already three, thanks to the presence of Assertor-class units - the Praetor-class Battlecruiser was launched mere months after it was ordered, with the ships supposed to be built domestically in batches of four, two at Verace and two at Sunkschiff, with the fifth ship allocated to a shipyard in the Tackt State, in modern Koefaria. After the comissioning of the first five Praetor-class Battlecruisers, the four last ships were ordered to begin construction almost immediately; However, from Judicator onwards, the next batch of battlecruisers was to be constructed to a revised design that solved potential issues with the Praetor-class or experimented based on experience obtained in wartime. At the very least, the hull was to be completed to the original design, and internals preserved, allowing construction of the second batch to proceed at a good pace regardless.

With experience aquired, some in the admiralty began to doubt the viability of an all-forward main armament on their capital ships, which limited their arcs of fire. Additionally, weight balance issues prompted the Silver Empire to settle on having a more even distribution of guns around their vessels instead of an all-forward armament; this shift in doctrine was to be the foundation of the rework of the next Praetor-class ships. Initially, the favored design had one triple turret forward anf one aft, with two of the three secondary guns rellocated forward to the centerline, between the main gun and the superstructure. The design was however not approved due to awkward firing angles when using both guns simultaneously. Instead, the triple turret design was dropped altogether, focusing instead on a design with three twin turrets - two forward mounts and one aft turret in a more traditional layout - which were lighter than the previous triple turret despite having comparable dimensions, by virtue of having a smaller magazine and lighter armor. The weight of boradside was, however, not reduced, and the hull did not require any significant modifications implemented to field the new weapons. Though the secondary battery was scrapped altogether, with the turrets being instead allocated to light cruisers, this was deemed an acceptable loss. Speed and displacement were almost similar to the previous design, with only a negligible increase in weight. Four ships were built to this revised design - Judicator, Castigator, Leonides and Chimaera. Though initially considered a Praetor subclass, the design was considered different enough to the original vessel to be considered a separate class.

The first two ships were completed in time for the Stovak Campaign, with Castigator being the second battlecruiser in Capal Crow's Squadron at the first Naval Battle of Stovak. Being at the rear of the battle line, Castigator engaged the Relentless-class Battlecruiser Unflinching, taking her main bridge and one of her turrets out of action and penetrating her armor belt over the course of a lengthy gunfight. She was prevented from finishing off the retreating Unflinching by destroyer HMA Ardent, under one Captain Devawn, which threatened the huge battlecruiser with gunfire and a torpedo attack. Avoiding the brief assault, Castigator retreated with the rest of the imperial fleet and underwent repairs. She later attacked supply convoys after the end of the campaign. Judicator, for her part, provided escort to the troop landings at Stovak during the campaign, shelling multiple tanks and bunkers with her main guns and escaping unscathed. Later joined by Leonides and Chimaera, they attacked royal navy convoys and warship flotillas, with Leonides becoming well known for sinking four Unicorn-class Light Escort Carriers in a single battle with her heavy gunfire. All four ships participated in the Battle of Ventis Gulf, where Castigator recieved significant engine damage after being hit with torpedoes aimed at the battleship Domitrian. She was sunk as she tried to maneuver by the heavy cruisers HMA Leopard and HMA Excellent. Chimaera was sunk by the Goliath-class Battleship HMA Queen Katerina during the retreat of Admiral Evans' squadron, though her gunfire forced Queen Katerina's group to withdraw to avoid the bulk of the imperial fleet.
Judicator and Leonides continued service during the Fillanel Campaign and after the war. With new batttlecruisers entering service in 761 AED, Judicator was retired and Leonides was donated to Koefaria, where she underwent multiple refits. Judicator was scrapped in 766 AED, though Leonides was preserved as a museum by the Koefarian state after almost a decade of further service.
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09/08/2022 1:47 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Crafter
Cooldude101011 avatar
Damn, Devawn was ballsy, Castigator could’ve probably sunk Ardent in one or two salvos.

huh, which turret did Unflinching lose? Did the captain of Unflinching survive that hit to the bridge?

first mention of another Goliath class ship. No spoilers!
09/08/2022 3:06 pm
Level 27 : Expert Miner
Homeless_Emperor avatar
Ardent and Allegiance were definitely the "stars" of the engagement. Ardent had just escaped the wrath of Allegiance's guns, damaged the bow bridge, wounding Capal Crow and giving the ship a fire she would not extinguish until after the battle, which contributed to her crippling damage. This cost her her aft turrets altltogether, and she'd just escaped fire of two light cruisers when she reached Judicator. It was mostly accidental, but she stepped in to save Unflinching anyways. Unflinching lsot her forward turret. Her captain survived but was knocked uncounscious by the blast, which ruptured his eardrums.

Oh, there WILL be more goliath spoilers :p
09/08/2022 5:04 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Crafter
Cooldude101011 avatar
Nice, very cool.

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