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Jurassic Park - Mini Game

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Jberm avatar Jberm
Level 25 : Expert Explorer
What is Jurassic Park?
Jurassic Park is a movie series made by Universal that involves dinosaurs and humans.

What isJurassicPark Mini Game?
Jurassic park mini game is an awesome, dinosaur killing, bow shooting, sword swinging action game!

{-:Jurassic Park Mini Game:-}
The concept of the game is that there is two teams, the humans and the dinosaurs. One player starts out as a dinosaur and the rest are humans. After they each pick their classes, they will be teleported into the arena. In the area, they will have to wait for the helicopter to land. In chat you will see '5%, 10%, 15%.... ETC'. Once it gets to '100%' The helicopter will land. The humans will have to make a break for it before it takes off again. If the humans press the button inside the Helicopter, they win. If the dinosaurs kill all the humans or the helicopter takes off without the humans, the dinosaur team wins. (Once a dino kills a human, the human turns into a dino).

-Advanced Redstone
-Multiple classes to choose from (Dino and Human)
-Amazing looking structures
-Lots of easter eggs in the arena
And so much more!

You can play this with up to 5 people!

The makers of this map are Jberm, and Killerrico456

Please give a diamond to show your support! We worked very hard on this!

Additional Notes

Progress100% complete

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08/28/2013 12:16 pm
Level 43 : Master Nether Knight
EpicDungeonMaster avatar
Sound Awesome =D
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