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Jaws (Minecraft MiniGame)

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What is Jaws?
Jaws is a movie about a shark the kills dozens of people on a local beach.

What is Jaws (Minecraft MiniGame)?
This is a superfun minecraft minigame made by Jberm. The details and how to play are below!

The Concept
There can be a maximum of 6 players playing. One person will start as a shark. The shark will want to kill all the humans before they escape. Everyone else will be the humans. They will try to escape without getting killed. There are chests along the way to either help out the shark, or the human. Who ever gets there first. The shark has unlimited lives. Humans only have one.

All rules are in game... They're pretty much like every other minigame :

-Chests to help kill
-Starting armor
-Starting weapons
-Enough surprises for the whole family!

I worked really hard on this! Please leave a diamond!
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