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King Gopo Disaster

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Gopo Coruscant avatar Gopo Coruscant
Level 17 : Journeyman Artist
King Gopo has faced a terrorist attack on Monday.

A group of undercover terrorists has infiltrated among the personnel of the luxurious cruise liner over the past months, under the disguise of chefs, stewardesses, officers and janitors. Apart from the jobs taken, they were highly trained marine operators and sailors, plotting the attack for years in advance.
At 07:26 pm, they all met at the "Ceres Lounge" in the Royal Promenade of the ship. Here, they took hostage the workers and detonated the fiery bombs they had in possession. The exact quantity of explosive, TNT, is yet unknown.
The explosion tore the hull apart and created a huge hole in the starboard side of the ship and a massive fire spread incredibly fast from the Royal Promenade to the Central Park and Tibet Hall.
The ship started tilting shortly after, therefore, rendering the lifeboats useless. In just under 20 minutes, the ship hit bottom, which was only 40 meters deep, and then moved back to horizontal position. In the meantime, most passengers chose to jump off the ship and swim their way to the safety of the beached nearby.
In just 20 minutes, the grand vessel has found it's final resting place, claiming 2432 lives, out of the 5006 on board.

Discover the wreck of the once incredible cruise liner, now a half-submerged graveyard.
Download the world containing the ship in the days before the sinking, and try to uncover the hidden clues regarding the plotting of the attack.

Resource packs: Moder HD: www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/modern-hd-pack-64x-ctm-better-skies/
Jammer Craft 1.8.8
Progress100% complete

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