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Learmonth Station - steampunk station with Conquest reforged

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Learmonth Station - steampunk station with Conquest reforged Minecraft Map

The power of the Cruciran Empire, or just the Empire as it's called in everyday language, has never been higher. And there's no sign of the expansion of the Empire slowing down. Quite the contrary, The Empire keeps inventing, experimenting, building, and waging war all over the known world.

Learmonth Station - steampunk station with Conquest reforged Minecraft Map

Learmonth's been part of the empire for more than 50 years.
Only the the community elders remember the bloodbath that happened.
And there are fewer and fewer of the elders.
Most of the working and lower class don't last longer than 35 years.

Learmonth Station - steampunk station with Conquest reforged Minecraft Map

The city of Learmonth is divided in what's called the Upper city and the Undercity.
The Upper city is build on top of the old structures of the old city. before the conquest.
The Undercity is a rough place, with all sort of crime murders and shady people.
And Opium and other drugs circulating.

The buildings here are decaying.
And the Smog and rubbish are dumped down here.

The Learmonth Daily and Learmonth CInema.

It's expected for every good citizen to educate themselves with the news of the Empire with the Learmonth Daily.
"The best newspaper in Learmonth" It probably is, since there are no other papers in Learmonth.
And both the cinema and the newspaper are controlled or "supported" as they call it by the high brass of the Empire.
In reality it's filled with propaganda for the Empire.

Learmonth Institute of learning.

A place to share knowledge and learn.
But only for the rich and important of course.

The Grey Warden

An Airship on the way to the front.
Which one? Does it matter? As long at it's far away.

I'm building with the Conquest reforged mod: www.planetminecraft.com/mod/18-conquest-mod---all-the-features-from-17-and-more-forge-189/
Progress40% complete

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Cargo airship. some Lore : by Cap Capybara 11/18/2019 10:54:41 amNov 18th, 2019

Been a while since last update. I've had a lot of different things to work on.

I'v been working on a cargo airship.
And I have been doing some things with the description. Adding lore and such. :)


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