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Levia One - Neo-Atlantean Grand Prix (Undersea Project Contest)(Fantasy Contemporary Organic Sport)(16th Place)

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Art Dei Tech's Avatar Art Dei Tech
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Levia One - Neo-Atlantean Grand Prix Checkpoint

"Sons of Leviathan must be saved. The only way to save them is... have them race for eternity. Hope you'll enjoy this one, Steve."

Hello! Welcome to another project contest entry of mine! I shall be entering the Undersea Project Contest, in which I needed to poke out of the water for the ships, buildings and dragons. This project is a special one, for it combines all the three styles of minecraft building - architecture, terraforming and organics, and is all done solo for the whole four weeks. I am really exhausted, phew, but I will be putting up more pictures and storylines afterwards. Enjoy the entry! 

Basic idea is that Leviathans are used in a world grand prix that carry armed battleships as their chariots. The battleships must battle each other while their construction crew must repair any damages simultaneously. They will reach checkpoints like this one where hotel and pitstop services are available. Dragons and swordfish will protect the Leviathans from any natural or manmade interferences.There are three participating factions in this map: Hexagonal Lotus, Pentagonal Zeginata and Triangular Aeres, all attached to their Leviathans.
EDIT: Posted more pictures unedited, hopefully I'm a valid entry now D:

FUN FACT: A Formula One grand prix track requires a nearby hotel that should accommodate more than 5000 people at a time. This hotel's rooms are nowhere close to that one...

   The screenshots include:            
WorldPainter, downloadable freeware (recommended for large-scale operations)  
World Machine, free and premium (recommended for large-scale terraforming)  
Chunky Render, downloadable freeware  
Jukebox Music
Stronger Faster Braver - Two Steps from Hell (Start from story!)

Battle on Land and Sea - Steve Jablonsky (Battleship OST)(Straight into Action!)

Background Story
Journal Entry of Matre Iseous Xavier

0 Leviathan Era (L.E.). (In human timeline: ????)

I left her to her duties, and I departed into other worlds once more. Constantly, I've felt the unease of drifting into the vortex of space-time travel, partially able to control when I land but not where. Each entry in this journal is always made approximately an hour after I exited the travel to survey my surroundings and after every new event on that world. Each and every world is different, yet breathable and equally amazing. It was almost like arriving back on Earth at different eras.

This new world I've landed on seemed to have overflowed with chaos. On a small island, the only observations I could make so far were air-grinding hurricanes and the confusing tides everywhere, including near the shores. I imagined this island like the summit of a very high mountain - the pressure and humidity of the skies were lighter than ever on the surface. Beach crabs and turtles (I shuddered at the sight) strolled on one side of the island finding a refuge in the storms while I searched around for more stranded survivors.

There were few humans like me who panicked fresh as if they had just crashed. They walked to and fro briskly, heads bowed as if silently praying in anxiety. Upon sight of me, they shouted in fear. Where had I come from? Was I with them the entire time? Before they could interrogate me, a large groan came from the tidal shores. Immediately, the stranded crew fled inland in much more terror. Anxiously I looked about the chaos. People, manhandling me screamed, 'Infected with sin! Throw him to the beast! They shall spare us!'

Rising above the water was another island, which seemed to have two glowing eyes. The men who haggled me immediately threw me forward and retreated back in fear. I was at the mercy of a Leviathan whose fiery eyes gazed at mine. Whatever sin these madmen thought I've committed may have some effect on it. The eyes suddenly began deteriorating slowly in light as it laid idle.

Slowly I reached down for a beach crab that attempted to scuttle away, being watched closely and carefully by both parties. I threw the crab at it. At once, the mountain of a head rose up high to open its murky, toothless mouth to catch its morsel, creating mini-tsunamis all the while. As the head lowered back, the eyes glowed bright once more, and directed its head to turn to its side. I confided to the crew that they build a sturdy raft from the wreckage they could salvage. They obeyed willingly after seeing the miracle, and finished as soon as one hour.

Commanding one or two of the men to tie the raft to one of its scales, I pushed the raft onto the wavy shores. Terrified, the crew reluctantly climbed on. The captain confided to me that their kind had believed the sea to be full of chaos and ghastly monsters. Leviathans like this one had always obliterated trade routes and passenger ships due to the sin of the people above water. I, however, believed this was an opportunity for them to change their view of sins. Away from the safety of a miniscule raft, I climbed aboard the head of the Leviathan, hearing screams of despair from those below. I waved back at them reassuringly and blindly gave a small kick to its tough, scaly skin.

In reply, the Leviathan slowly descended away from the shores into the hurricane waters. The skin resonated a warm feeling, and began boiling the waters nearby. The head suddenly dove into water as well, so I quickly climbed onto the rope to the raft. They greeted me again, hugging together tight like children in the closet of a burning mansion.

The period of time while travelling across the sea was painstakingly long that I lost count when we were struck by each tidal wave. We lost a few crew members to the vast waters, and our only hope was to pray our Leviathan knew where to take us. I would've travelled out immediately but in the presence of my crew, they would go more mad. Only when I hit the water or away from their sight will I do so, which became more tempting to commit. The hours of the maelstrom were indescribable because each was both the same and different to another, in cases that made us restless and helpless. The chaos was overwhelming, trying to consume us everywhere, but our bullet Leviathan simply transcended through.

It wasn't long before we reached sweet, tasty sand of a continental coast. The rain subsided, and I could see ahead the edge of the storm. The crew kneeled down, kissed my feet and thanked me greatly for their return. They all promised to do me one favour before I depart faithfully.

I looked back at the idle leviathan whose head was poking out and whose eyes began fading cold again. I understood how Leviathans lived and died. I requested the crew to attach each and every boat to Leviathans and train them to reach their designated location. Shocked and taken aback, the crew hesitated until they came to a firm agreement. I thought out loud about a joke that a grand prix of racing Leviathans should be held...

...And these people took it very seriously.

This is Matre Iseous Xavier, signing out.
Features (Free Chunk View!)
Three participant Leviathans attached to a faction battleship
Embroidered with turquoise scales and fins
Have glowing eyes (one of them have eyes closed)
Accompanied by two pairs of swordfish each and two dragons.
Zeginata - Blue
Pentagonal Battleship, one main hull with pentagon connecting to four auxiliary ships.
Consists of five artillery cannons and anti-air defenses.
Consists of four minor cranes for enhanced repairs.
Best known for heavy defensive hull, requiring more buoyancy beneath. 

Lotus - Violet
Hexagonal Battleship, one large hull without cockpit shaped like a lotus flower.
Consists of 6 medium-ranged cannons.
Consists of 18 jet fighters/bombers and 6 utility hovers.
Best known for dispatching aerial facilities and assault.

Aeres - Red
Triangular Battleship, small mainframe connected to three rotating ships.
Consists of three artillery cannons and four anti-air defenses.
Consists of hull side-engines for fast maneouvrability
Best known for close-range melee hull damage using chainsaw edges.
Aquatic-themed hotel with 288 hotel suites and 40 staff quarters.
Twelve storeys connected by four elevators.
Divided into aerobic and aquatic sections for humans and merfolk. 
Branched into docking area for dragons and submarines
Next to six observation decks that can adjust in height below or above water.
Next to a shoaling area for softcore exploration or fishing.
Houses service boats and submarines for repairing ship hulls.
Four defensive capsules underwater that destroys any interference, especially from another participant faction.
Centre for organising local grand prix progression and storage transport.
Resource Collector
Large underwater blast furnace used to forge pure iron for hull replacement.
Furnace encased beneath a dome and is connected by three conveyor belts.
Three towers housing vertical bucket conveyor belts for collection of mined ore.
Two exhumarines(mining robots) that service the iron-rich area.
Transport System
Submarines mainly used to travel underwater.
Submarines may be fused into other functional vehicles such as Fishmarines, Transmarines, Exhumarines and Marines.
Fishmarines collect fish for the hotel and the Leviathan, with the help of eight other submarines.
Transmarines transport goods across the vicinity underneath the Leviathans
Exhumarines mine iron ores and dispose of them in the furnace
Marines defend the vicinity and are equipped with heavy cannons.
Feature Videos
RageGaming Creation Competition (actually plagiarized by someone but still had to feature their epic reactions xD)

Programs Used
Minecraft (Obviously) with personal 1.7.10 Bukkit server (plugins WorldEdit and VoxelSniper) and liteloader for WorldEdit CUI
MCEdit for changing building layout and changing whole map height
World Machine for creating new water texture (needed to be more level than preset one)
WorldPainter to export water surface into the world
Mine-imator for dragon modelling
Google Sketchup for dragon and Leviathan measuring as well as angles within shapes such as hexagons and pentagons
Chunky Render for rendering pictures

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CreditFormula One (idea)
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Bubbly update : by Art Dei Tech 07/30/2015 2:33:05 amJul 30th, 2015

- Added bubble effect to compliment water mills and submarines
- Filled in the fish meant to feed the middle Leviathan
- More pictures!
- Added features section and new chunk view

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11/23/2015 9:44 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
SpazAlicious's Avatar
Just wanted to let you know that your map was used in a competition on a fairly popular youtubers series. Link is here
11/24/2015 12:12 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Grump
Art Dei Tech
Art Dei Tech's Avatar
I saw already, someone PMed me about it. Thanks though :) alot of people began plagiarizing my work so this is no surprise to me.
10/08/2015 11:09 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
MEplaysMC's Avatar

Amazing! I have no words!
10/08/2015 11:19 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Grump
Art Dei Tech
Art Dei Tech's Avatar
Amazing is one word, haha. Thanks :O
08/06/2015 10:37 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
x_Asriel_Dreemurr_x's Avatar
Would it be possible to provide a link to a .zip download? if so that would be wonderful!
08/07/2015 4:09 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Grump
Art Dei Tech
Art Dei Tech's Avatar
What's wrong with .rar? They're the same format type. Unless you'd want to avoid the which does link it to the file. Otherwise I'll re-upload it as a zip file and private msg you if you cant open the current link
08/08/2015 12:10 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
x_Asriel_Dreemurr_x's Avatar
if you could re-upload as a .zip that wound be wonderful. (im also a failure at messing with .rar files, and I know Im not the only one XD) This build looks amazing.
07/30/2015 5:51 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Senpai
GrayRemnant's Avatar
Dude, this is an utter masterpiece!  Great job!  :D
07/30/2015 8:33 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Grump
Art Dei Tech
Art Dei Tech's Avatar
Thanks :O
With all these team entries, I doubt I'd get top ten this time...
07/29/2015 1:30 pm
Level 44 : Master Chef
TheShadyJester's Avatar
I would like to see more pictures of this! Please give me a reply if you upload more!
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