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M.E.L.O. — Multi-Personnel Large Transport

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The Research and Enforcement Divisions of the government secret agency M.E.L.O. often collaborate to create very advanced and sophisticated technology and weapons. Some of these creations are the aerial vehicles that the Organization uses to travel across the globe. The specified vehicle of this file is the Multi-Personnel Large Transport "MPLT". Using a military chinook helicopter as a base with added enhancements, this vehicle is a hybrid between the public class and the secret class of vehicles. The MPLT was recently recommissioned as a cargo transport rather than a personnel transport due to more advanced and well-suited vehicles for that job. The helicopter can travel 4,000 miles or 6,400 km on a full tank. Having been designed in the 90's, this vehicle isn't the first choice for any mission, but it can get the mission done.

This file is to be delivered to Director REDACTED of the Enforcement Division.

The MPLT is a schematic facing the Positive Z coordinate. Most Vehicles have 3 states: landed, landed variant, and flight. Landed is the vehicle in the landed state with the door or ramp open, while landed variant has the door or ramp closed. The easiest way to paste in schematics in 1.14+ is by use of World Edit.

File Directories:
Landed - melo_mplt/landed.schematic
Landed Variant - melo_mplt/landed_variant.schematic
Flight - melo_mplt/flight.schematic
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