Machine Madness | A scary minigame by Skyball

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avatar Skyball
Level 40 : Master Technomancer
Welcome to my new minigame Machine Madness!

What is it about?
You are a night watchman in a factory and your job is to repair all broken machines.
The more of them are working, the more points you get.
You can see what machines are working by looking at the control panel in the main factory room. If that was all...
If one of the machines isn't working for too long, a monster will spawn. If it gets you, it is your end.
You can close doors by clicking the buttons on the floor, but once closed, you can't reopen them.
To repair the machines, you have to sneak around 5 to 6 seconds next to them.

You should really really play it with one of sildur's shaders, it improves the experience many times over.
[Optifine] [Sildur's shader]

Play it with headphones or at least loud sound. Also, play in fullscreen.

Can you beat my highscore of 2640 points? Comment your highscore below!
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