PCM - Programmable Computer in Minecraft

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Level 40 : Master Technomancer

Welcome to the PCM by Skyball!

The PCM is a programmable computer in Minecraft.
This means, you can run programs on it that you can write yourself with a programming language I created.

Basically, you write programs into a text file and compile it with a java program (included in the world download).
From there, you can load it into the storage of the computer and execute the program.

There are a couple of examples that you can try out without having to program yourself:
Minesweeper; Tic Tac Toe; Fibonacci sequence; Prime number checker; Tileswitch; and many more!

If you have any problems or want to share your programs, visit this site: http://pcms.xobor.de/

What features can you use?
  • 16+ integer variables ('registers')
  • use two 8x8 arrays
  • display one number
  • display one 8x8 image
  • different possibilities to input data while program is running
  • random numbers
  • operations: + - * / %
  • if()
  • loops and jumppoints
  • output messages and numbers in chat, actionbar and title
  • execute minecraft-commands and check if they ran successfully
  • stacks
  • a controller in the chat
There is a tutorial you can read through in-game and a list of all commands in the world folder, so that you can learn how to write programs.
The list of commands can also be found here:
It is highly recommended to read through at least the first unit of the tutorial!

Here's a short overview of the most important commands the programming language contains:
  • [REG] = [REG/NUMBER]
  • [REG] = [REG/NUMBER] [+;-;*;/;%] [REG/NUMBER]
  • [REG] = userinput( [NUMBER] , NUMBER )
  • [REG] [REG] = userinput( [NUMBER] , DISPLAY )
  • [REG] = random( [REG/NUMBER] )
  • text [REG/NUMBER] [REG/NUMBER] [chat;actionbar;title]
  • if( [REG/NUMBER] [==;!=;<;>,<=;>=] [REG/NUMBER] ){
  • loop( [NUMBER] ){
  • array goto [REG/NUMBER] [REG/NUMBER]
  • array get [REG]
  • array set [REG/NUMBER]
  • wait [NUMBER]
But as I said, there are way more.

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    05/01/2020 10:39 am
    Level 15 : Journeyman Engineer
    Holy hell, this is incredible!
    05/02/2020 2:38 am
    Level 40 : Master Technomancer
    Hi there!
    Thank you so much, I really appreciate this!
    I am currently working on the second version of the computer, but due to some important exams, I don't really have time to continue working on it...
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