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Map Art World (Decorative)

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Agt_Montag's Avatar Agt_Montag
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Map Art World (Decorative) Minecraft Map

Honestly, I don't know why this hasn't been done by someone yet.

I know, if you really have the gumption, Its not that hard to make map art.

But sometimes I don't want to go through the hassle of loading pictures,
converting them, and painstakingly building a map.

(Especially if I have no experience doing it to begin with)

It would be A THOUSAND TIMES easier if I could just go on PMC or somewhere,
download a world save and Copy-n-Paste already built map designs.

Map Art World (Decorative) Minecraft Map

I see a ton of map art. Some are REALLY good!

And I think to myself," Hey! I'd like to have that in MY WORLD!"
Only to find out that there's no download or its behind a paywall.
What a BUST!

Well... Its your lucky day!

Cause I'm gonna start adding designs into this world and you can use them. For your personal use, or use them on a server. I mean to make the art useful and enhance your minecraft world by decorating it with these maps.
Since no one else has done it.. I'm gonna do it.

Slam that Diamond! Woot!
What comes with the download?
1) The download comes with the world save folder, if you want to fly around and explore the created maps

2) A Schematics folder with the saved schematics, if you simply want to drop these in, to paste these immediately into your own world.

Why build these when you can just convert an image straight to a map file?
Some of these created maps are hand built and "polished", giving you a level of detail that simply wont be matched by a converter.

Furthermore, servers don't always have the capability to edit files of their world.
These builds provide the raw information to copy-n-paste into your own minecraft world/server with World Edit & Schematica.
Share them with your friends and make more if you accidentally lost a particular map you are using.

How do you make these?
I use World Edit for large simple portions of maps and hand build "intricately" detailed parts.
I complete this all in version 1.16.4, then convert the world to the latest update before I upload the file.
Its not easy. Since the mods, dedication time, my computer, and Minecraft itself all fight against my efforts to give you these designs.

I researched a lot on how others had built maps before me and applied those techniques here.
You will see within the world that I use a variety of tools to create these maps with templates, along with "Staircasing" to achieve certain colors.

Lastly, there is an AWESOME website: https://rebane2001.com/mapartcraft/
Where I am able to get inspiration and help convert some difficult maps.

Additional Mentions
Shout out to Mrotka for building a gorgeous Alchemy Potions map art
Alchemy Map Art - By Mrotka
CreditJeracraft, jkascpkmc, Malovite, Jayy_Astro, Alexon
Progress70% complete

28 Update Logs

Update #28 : by Agt_Montag 10/02/2022 1:37:39 amOct 2nd, 2022

In this update I must have had education in mind...

Added new maps:
- High Voltage Sign
- Piano (Black)
- Periodic Table (2x1 Map) Blank
- Periodic Table (2x1 Map) Completed
- Chalk Board Design
* Bottom Left
* Bottom Right
* Bottom Middle
* Middle chalk board
* Middle frame
*Corner Frame

To the keen eyed downloaders.
If you explore the world a bit, you may notice the beginnings to a deepslate diamond texture.
Its all experimental, as I'm not sure maps provide the right colors to complete it in 1.16.4. Its still fun to try.

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03/28/2024 10:14 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Artist
pathisgamer's Avatar
Thanks for this map art world. It is very nice of you to share. I think making maps by hand comes out better than any plugin.
11/04/2023 9:15 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Bender_MC's Avatar
Your world is still awesome, Im just saying that using plugin is better because it allows you to change image scale anytime or even make a large 100 x 100 mapart with just one click. Besides, you can make the item frames invisible
11/04/2023 9:09 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Bender_MC's Avatar
There are plugins like ImageMaps that I personaly use daily that allow you to transfer any image from the internet on a map with no effort in like 3 seconds.
11/05/2023 1:09 am
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Architect
Agt_Montag's Avatar
I would image that 80% of people who need map art probably do just that, convert an image file and load it into their world. Its a lot easier to do, especially on a single player world.

I started building these because the server I played on, didn't use the plugins you're talking about. I had an agreement with them, that I could share the schem files with the staff who would paste it in a "Map World". Then I could use and share the maps with the rest of the community. As stated in the drop-downs above, these builds provide the raw information to copy-n-paste into your own minecraft world/server with World Edit & Schematica.
08/07/2023 12:19 am
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08/08/2023 7:38 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Architect
Agt_Montag's Avatar
This took more than 3 weeks :D I play on a server where I want to decorate my creations with this map art. But instead of building them on the server, I build them here and the owner can load them to the server instead. Using World Edit, the templates in the world, the Rebane website, and a little technical know how; these maps were created fairly quickly. There are the occasional maps that do take time. Usually that's because I have to test the color schemes and manually build them. The bedrock diamond block has been a project for months.
08/23/2023 2:01 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
ThornBirdAngel's Avatar
They look AMAZING ...
I will try and use Schematics as i have worldedit ...
Really amazing work you have done.
04/16/2023 5:18 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
ThornBirdAngel's Avatar
Hi there I am new to map art. How do I use these? Can I use them in my own world? They a fantastic by the way. Love what you can do with maps.
04/17/2023 12:59 am
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Architect
Agt_Montag's Avatar
You will need to be using a mod that can utilize schematics.
Such as: Schematica or Litematica

A lot of minecraft servers have this mod loaded, altho usually only Admins can use it.
(Primarily why I made this)

However, You absolutely CAN use these you your hearts content!

It will take some research to load and use the mod if you're looking to use this in single player.
You might need to go back a few versions based on compatibility.
But once you get a hold of how to work it, you can copy and paste these maps directly out of the world.
The download also comes with a schematics folder if you don't feel like manually copying all the maps yourself.

Hope this helps
08/23/2023 1:57 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
ThornBirdAngel's Avatar
Sorry for late reply and thank you!
I am using MC 1.20.1 ... I suppose it will still work thou right?
Going to try and get it using shcematics today ...
Wish me luck lol ... I am so bad with these thing XD.