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Sustainable mars base (for life on mars solo build contest)

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This is not just a normal mars base, it's a sustainable mars base.

Long before the humans were sent to mars, drones, rovers, cargo ships and building robots were sent to mars to build a sustainable mars base. The robots started building, they built solar panels (also useful for recharging the robots), a quite big dome of thick glass and more. They also started digging a hole into a mountain. Inside the mountain they found ice. They set up pipes wich gathered heat by geothermal heating and then transported that heat to the ice. Then the ice melt and the water is pumped up to the ground. The water pumped up forms a river and a lake. Cargo ships brought dirt, plants, seeds and fishes to make the base more sustainable.

Later, the dome was filled with air and there were food for the humans. Then the first ship with humans were launched and after some months, landed on the surface of mars. The humans slept in a housing module docked to the dome. They cleaned themselves in the sanitary module connected to the dome.

It was a success for humanity. Another ship with humans was sent to mars.

But after some years, the astronauts wanted to return to earth. Then "The return ship" was launched. It brought 8 austronauts with itself and brought the 8 astronauts on mars home. Another housing module was also sent to mars and docked with the dome. The return ship has not left mars yet, but it will do it in some days.

The mars base have room for an additional 8 astronauts and a new ship with humans will be launched soon.

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12/06/2015 5:18 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
eagoy avatar
Not bad at all. I like the transport tube of the water.

With all the water underneath the dome I would start to expect some nice green grasslands.

Anyway good luck with the contest although you're competition!
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