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Medieval Cottage [Conquest Reforged]

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l0stlights's Avatar l0stlights
Level 22 : Expert Botanist
Hey there fellas!

Well, this is my first submission on PMC, and I'm very excited to show you guys this little medieval house that I made featuring Conquest Reforged blocks and texture pack!

  • The house has 3 floors (main, basement and attic), which includes chest room, kitchen, a bedroom, living room with fireplace, and a little bathroom outside the house.
  • Includes as well a Well and a blacksmith area.
  • 26x26, 23 blocks high (starting from the basement floor to the highest steam block, 14 without steam)
  • When pasting into your world, some doors may break! Also, DO NOT rotate the clipboard, or else the CR blocks WILL NOT rotate and the house WILL BE desconstructed. You have been warned. The house main entrance is facing NORTH.


Since this cottage was made ENTIRELY with mods, you'll need a few things: Conquest Reforge Modpack Launcher, which you can download here (for Windows and Mac/Linux)


I also used Better Foliage mod and SEUS Shaders, but you can also use Sildurs Shaders

Thanks for checking my piece!
If you like it, be sure to give a diamond, or favorite, and subscribe for more future 3D art!
And don't forget to comment you opinion! Constructive critcism is very welcome ;)

Have a good day!

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04/24/2019 8:36 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Mlem Mlem Bat
billoxiiboy's Avatar
Love your little Medieval Cottage builds, they look Great! I know the frustration with rotating your clipboard....I think you have been through what most of us have. Build a beautiful building, then go to paste it somewhere....only to find it's in the wrong direction. Rotate it and...Doh! I've spent quite a few times doing major rebuilds. Now I make absolutely sure which direction I want the house. But CR is such an amazing Mod pack....you kind of forgive its limits. It's primarily stairs and half blocks that cause the problem.

A little building hint, I make the frame with whole blocks and place the house where i want then see if it looks good....then I'll add the layers of stairs and half blocks. Also if you copy and flip stairs they often work better than rotating - especially bad is 90 degrees. Can't wait to see more of your builds in Future :D
04/26/2019 9:34 pm
Level 22 : Expert Botanist
l0stlights's Avatar
oh THANK YOU! I really, really appreciate that! Thank you for the tip! Gonna work on that! :D
thanks again XD
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