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Micro Battles - 1.8 PVP Minigame

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This is a new mini game that I have been working on for a few months.
It is a PvP game where 2-4 teams can go head to head on different maps to be the last team standing.

For the nerds, this map contains over 500 command blocks, which have all been hand written by myself! It's crazy!

Soon, I will be hosting this game on a server, after which, I will be releasing the map for download!

There is a main hub with all of the controls required.

There are 4 classes that are available to play as:
Archer - Gets a bow and a wooden sword.
Worker - Gets a wooden sword and stone tools.
Soldier - Gets a wooden sword and a small health boost.
Brute - Has a stone sword that gives slowness when held, and an iron chestplate.

All classes have full leather armor unless otherwise stated.

To spice the game up abit, there are 4 different game modes :
Classic - The original last team standing wins.
Hardcore - If ANY damage is taken, you die....
Control Point - Each team has a beacon at their base, if your beacon is destroyed, you WHOLE team dies...
Power Games - Each player receives a random potion effect at the beginning of the game, that they can use to win.

A few more features have been added to make gameplay more fun :
- When a player dies, they place a skull on the ground; break the skull to give regen to your whole team.
- There are 2 deathly events that occur that speed up gameplay if more than one team decides to camp

If you want to play this game, feel free to download, upload it to a server, and have fun!

(DO NOT kill all entities in the map, as the redstone uses entities; you can BREAK the game)

I'd like to thank some people that made the map what it is :
mrs_dractus - Thank you for the AWESOME hub!
Mark Chittenden -  Made map number 5! One of the best map submissions that I added to the game!
All the Kingdom of Ores members - Thank you SO much for helping me test the game!
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