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Microphone Block

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avatar ibbo2000
Level 12 : Journeyman Explorer
Hi all, so this is something I have been waiting to share for a while now but thankfully it is finally out!

Microphone Block
So you may be asking what this is all about, well it is a new concept of improving the creativety of sound in Minecraft. The full idea is of one block called the Microphone Block, the name does not have to stick. Basically this golden block that looks similar to a JukeBox will give you the option to record the sounds in Minecraft this will include... Blocks, Mobs, Players, Weather, and yes even note blocks. The only sounds in the game this will not record is the diagetic Minecraft music in the background as you play.

So you might now be asking why? and how?
Well the why is simple we are missing a massive creative side of music/sound in Minecraft, just like building with blocks some players may like to build with Redstone. but there is hardly any creative choses when it come to sound. And the how would work like this. So there will be the Microphone Block which as i have already mentioned looks just like a JukeBox, there is a reason for this the top of the block you can place a empty disc. There will be a crafting recipe for this empty disc using gunpowder and something els. Any way you place the empty disc in the Microphone Block and there will usually only be a 5-10 minute time to record before the disc where to pop out of the block, once you have recorded what you want though all you will have to do is right clock the block again to receive a "Recorded Disc".

So there are many possibilities for something like this to be added to the game, and as I have mentioned before it will also be possible to record Note blocks.


CreditIbbo2000 & McLurg98
Progress50% complete

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