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MrCannibalUnicorn avatar MrCannibalUnicorn
Level 23 : Expert Warrior

Made By Cannibal_Unicorn: Youtube Page (Subscribe For Map Two)

Xride: Nothing available

Helpers may incluse or not include: axon55, lifewater12, shocit, gabegage2000 and wafflemater101

The Story: This is a adventure and story map. You spawn near these signs (well you should tell me if not)

and it explains a story: "You were once a young boy who frolicked in this great forest. But soon are worst enemies the zombies attacked they were ruthless killing everyone that didn't please them. They went away and now are back and took are tree. You need to train and then fight back!"

You then must enter a training room where you train when your done you go up and start your journey you go through some traps parkour. Then enter a room *spoiler* In the room you find the zombies placed a bomb to activate in fifteen minutes and if you dont finish everything in that time your whole tree blows up. So come on you train and fight your way through the zombies. *spoiler* if you get to the end before fifteen minutes you can reprogram the bomb to activate the zombie ship. The map is not dont its almost i just wanted a preview of what people thought. I know the pictures are terrible but does anyone like the idea. Thanks.

The Map is officially done i spent almost a week fixing bugs but i know there are more. I dont even know if you spawn in the right spot spawn cords are:
x -20
y 46
z -1
Around those is a board of signs. Can any tell me if they do spawn there and if not where? I will be making a second map a sequel to this if i get 30 diamonds or 50 subs on youtube. Oh or 200 likes on the youtube video ill make soon
Youtube Video: (Non Available at this time)Diamond?

If anyone wants to make a youtube video send them to me and ill maybe put it on forums if it does advertise the map THanks. And have fun!

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