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Minecraft Checklist Challenge

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avatar Eden_Alexxa_Wood
Level 12 : Journeyman Farmer
Minecraft Checklist Challenge

Thanks for Downloading

The Rules are

NO Breaking Blocks in the Podium Area

Enchanted Items DON’T Count

The Item MAY Be Used (It CAN Have Damage)

Only 1 of Each Item is Necessary

The Block/Item MAY be in your Inventory/Chest at the end of time

The Time Limit CAN be set by YOU

The Winner is the person/team with the most blocks/items at the end of time

It can be played SOLO by timing how long it takes to collect all the blocks/items

How to Play

Agree on a time length for the game

Get ready and start the game

In teams of 1+ search the world for one of EVERY block and craft every item

Take them back to the podium or make it harder by keeping them in your inventory/chest

When the time is up place everything on its corresponding podium and count how many items you have (each block/item = 1 point)

The winning team is the one with the most points

Created and built by Tamara Cadé Walton-Gray aka. Eden_Alexxa_Wood age 16 from North Yorkshire UK

The Checklist can be downloaded from here
Progress100% complete
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