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Minigames lobby | Schematic

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timr2000 avatar timr2000
Level 47 : Master Kitten
-/ Minigames Lobby \-

Please comment if you want this as a schematic!, and offcourse diamond it ;)
working on this project for you guys!, and changing some things for an awesome spawn!, i will never do it for the money!, thats why i publish these schematics for free, you can always donate me with paypal, but remember it is not required!

Minecraft skywars map schematic: Minigames lobby

Dutch Tutorial how to import schematics:

Hoe importeer je een .schematic in 9 stappen?

1. Installeer worldedit

2. download de schematic

3. open je world edit folder

4. open het mapje schematics

5. sleep je schematic in het mapje schematics

6. typ in game /schematic load minigames, of hoe je schematic ook heet

7. sta met je minecraft poppetje op de grond en typ //paste

8. waneer je je gebouw hebt gepast ga je kijken of hij goed staat

9. staat hij naar de verkeerde kant typ dan //rotate 90

10. dit was dan een korte tutorial in 9 stappen!

English Tutorial how to import schematics:

How do you import a schematic in 9 steps?

1. Install worldedit

2. download the schematic

3. open your worldedit folder

4. open the folder schematics

5. drag the schematic in te folder schematics

6. type ingame /schematic load minigames

7. stay on the ground with our minecraft character

8. when you pasted your building look if it stands right

9. does it stay wrong type, //rotate 90

10. this was the short tutorial in 9 steps!

Donations are always welcome with paypal!: https://www.paypal.me/TimrCraft/1.50
Credittimr2000, darksoulshurt
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Schematic file updated* : by timr2000 10/15/2016 7:24:51 amOct 15th, 2016

WARN - it's not a small schematic so please use fastasyncworldedit for importing this

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