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Monte Major - Volcanic island v3.2 ores, nether, treasures

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Level 26 : Expert Mountaineer


Your boat sunk in the middle of an ocean and you washed on the shore of an unknown island. You have nothing left, all your belongins have been lost in the sea. After you have warmed up in the sun you deside to climb on top of a tall tree to get a better view of your surroundings, so you can plan your next move. And this is the vista you see:

Hot tropical island shore with white sandy beach that continues as far as eye can see. Beyond the beach grows lush and inviting forest with ponds, flowing creeks, flowers and varied trees. This dreamlike vista is dominated by ominous volcano rising from the middle of the island. You realize you haven't lost anything, you have found your new home.


Realistic looking, higly detailed and unique volcanic island that blends almost seemlesly into minecraft generated terrain once you cross the non-existent boundary between custom map and default terrain generation.

Massive, dormant volcano. Yep, Dormant. Don't expect any wild lava showers.

Challenging mob spawning for those who wish to venture inside the volcano.

Custom biomes that make the nature unique and realistic. Also the grass color is awesome!

Several hidden treasures around the island ecouraging players to explore.

Guaranteed to stand out both in quality and in detail from the other survival maps featuring volcanos. This is one of a kind experience.

Custom made Nether showing the evil side of Monte Major.

This map can be played in survival multiplayer as well as in survival singleplayer.


The Nether dimension presents the evil side of Monte Major. The goal of the custom Nether is to give a player chance to experience the Nether in a new way. It will be be challenging, but it will also be rewarding.

Nether side of the map doesn't blend seamlessly into the default generated Minecraft terrain like overworld side does. So if you venture beyound the map borders, you will encounter jagged edged chunk errors. This is due to the unique way the nether terrain is formed making it very difficult to smooth out with most of the editing tools. Perhaps in later versions of the map will address this issue.

Challenges, achievement and rules

There are no rules. This is not an adventure map, or super hostile map, nor it is a puzzle quest. And this is not a survival island themed map. This a survival map which is ment to be played just like any randomly generated Minecraft map. I added the [CREATION] tag in the topic to make this distinction more clear. The point of this is not challenge player to survive with limited resources.


Due to their popularity I have added 10 challenges for players to complete. They are compatible with v2.1 (anvil update), so you don't need to re-download and restart the map for them. These challenges can be, and should be, completed without leaving the island except for a visit into the Nether.

1. Acquire all 4 different companions. Tame at least 1 wolf and 1 ocelot. Create both golems, iron and snow.
2. Bake a cake. Make it delicious.
3. Dye all 16 different colored wools. Wools can be attached to sheep, or be separated from them.
4. Craft Full set of enchanted leather armor. Craft leather helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots. Apply an enchantment to all of them.
5. Conquer 2 custom dungeons. Conquering means disabling the monster spawners. These special dungeons can be identified by the stone brick structure.
6. Find and rescue lost and trapped villagers and help them to build their village. Locate trapped villagers and build a village for them. Make sure they can breed.
7. Craft an emerald block. Either or both emeralds from chests and from villagers will do.
8. Find 12 hidden treasure chests. These chests can be identified by the emeralds on the top left corner. None is completely hidden from view, so you don't need to randomly dig dirt to find them.
9. Venture into the Nether.
Create a portal and travel through into the nether realm. Come back alive.
10. Find the complete set of enchanted gold armor. In the Nether side of the island lies hidden set of enchanted golden armor scattered over and under the landscape.

Bonus Challenge. Find all 81 treasure chests hidden in Nether.B

- Beutiful unique paradise like environment.
- Blends (almost) seamlessly into default Minecraft terrain -> "infinitive" map.
- Custom biomes
- Several hidden treasures.
- Can be played in SMP.
- Custom Nether terrain.
- Increased mob spawning rate inside crater and near mountain top.

- Increased mob spawning rate inside crater and near mountain top.
- Nether landscape doesn't blend seamlessly into default

Additional Notes

1.5.x compatible

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Monte Major v.3.2
Progress100% complete

7 Update Logs

Update #7 : by Mantere 11/07/2012 4:58:04 amNov 7th, 2012


- Added some elements from 1.4 update

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05/10/2018 10:28 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer
jdw6701's Avatar
reminds me of Mont Pelee
08/04/2012 7:01 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
Otori92's Avatar
awesome map! good work :)
05/26/2012 3:10 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Taco
Ok im srry i commented before i saw that u already got an trailer, so just ignore my comments xD
05/27/2012 10:10 pm
Level 26 : Expert Mountaineer
Mantere's Avatar
Thank you for the offer, but like you noticed I got a trailer already.
05/26/2012 3:08 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Taco
Could I make a video trailer for this?
04/14/2012 1:12 pm
Level 43 : Master Taco
Honeybunz162's Avatar
Good job on the maps ! Diamond up !
And keep up the good work
04/16/2012 12:38 am
Level 26 : Expert Mountaineer
Mantere's Avatar
Thank you. And I will try my best to do that.
04/14/2012 2:05 am
Level 34 : Artisan Creeper
AtrakTheHunter's Avatar
Good Job!
04/14/2012 4:24 am
Level 26 : Expert Mountaineer
Mantere's Avatar
Thank you.
04/13/2012 9:05 am
Level 36 : Artisan Engineer
MIKEYMK's Avatar
preety cool man , but WHYYYYYYY u converted it into 1.2.3 , now its totally useless for me , but anyway looks nice
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