My Ice Palace (Inspired by Elsa's Ice Palace)

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So in July 2019 when I was 12, I began working on a project that was going to have a palace and it was going to be my own world with pixel arts and such. And I booted up world painter and made snowy mountains, like in frozen and a flat surface with a mountain to build my Ice Palace. so it took 3 weeks and I had to update to 1.14. so I did and then it asked the world is from 1.12.2. so I just opened anyways then it was gone. I was so sad then on July 2020, I began recreating the same mountains and such. and began making it a little more intimidating. so I began with the snow flake on the surface and it was successful but then the finished product looked like a dome so I had an idea. I can cover the circular dome with spikes just like elsa's. and then began doing the gate thingys that came from downstairs and began doing the chandelier. so now I'm 13 and the palace is not complete yet so tell me what I should do to improve it. I'm a disney fan btw love everything disney from princess to just everything. <3
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