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Mystic Survival [1.16.5]

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CowBuildz avatar CowBuildz
Level 9 : Apprentice Cow
Thanks for visiting my map!

Mystic Survival is a survival/adventure/challenge map!

->You will be inside of a giant box/walls and your main goal is to find the hidden heads! There are 20 in total. But you can get another one in the End! (optional)
-> Kill the Ender Dragon.
-> Kill the Wither (optional, I am not sure if you can find the things that you need to summon the wither. You have to find it out by yourself. Wither skulls will be hidden in the map!)
-> There are some hidden chests containing some loot. So finding them would be nice.
-> Don't go outside the walls.
-> Play on normal Difficulty
-> You can either play by yourself or with your friends!
-> Play on Gamemode Survival
-> Have Fun!
-> Animals are finite resources so keep that in mind before you kill any! Farms are a good choice!

Note: After you complete all the goals, You win! There is no reason to keep playing unless you want to keep challenging yourself!
Note: This is my first ever Survival map so I haven't used any command blocks. If you are playing on a server, it's ok to enable or disable command blocks.

[​Since this is my first Survival map, if you notice any bugs, please let me know and keep in touch!]
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1. : by CowBuildz 06/05/2022 9:38:28 amJun 5th

Fixed the heads

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