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Nether (1.16) Parkour

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Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
A simple (but, possibly not short) showcase of 1.16 Nether features such as blocks, vines and soul speed. There are 4 (5) sections:
  • Nether Wastes - Basic parkour and no special quirk
  • Basalt Delta - Basic parkour with slime and ice (because you can make basalt out of ice or something)
  • Crimson & Warped Forests - Basic Parkour, but now there are crimson and warped vines
  • Soul Sand Valley - Basic Parkour with (the most finicky and annoying) soul speed and soul sand jumps
  • Netherite ???s - Not actually that difficult but it's repetitive.

This map is great practice for "harder" jumps such as single & double neos/wraparounds/strafes (ladder neos too), strafing jumps, 4+ block jumps and trapdoor jumps, because why not.

I believe that you should treat a map like another Minecraft sandbox, so don't worry about "not cheating". I rather that you don't mash your keyboard because you can't do some of the jumps.

Final Notes:
  • You cannot switch gamemode using /gamemode. Either use the toggle sign at spawn, or use command /scoreboard players add @a cGamemode 1 (which will cycle Adventure/Creative)
  • The map is in night time, it is dark (because the nether is dark) so use the toggle signs at spawn to turn on/off night vision or outright change the time. Again you can't use commands (/time and /effect) for this and must use /scoreboard players add @a cTime 1 to cycle noon/midnight and /scoreboard players add @a nightVision 1 to enable and disable night vision.
  • There is a carrot on a stick in the back of your inventory, which you can place on to your hotbar and right-click to return back to the spawn area. This will delete individual level progress though.

Please comment if there are any issues (all jumps are possible.) Not tested in multiplayer.
Progress100% complete
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