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Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
This is a skywars map that I made with a few of my friends. It is intended for servers, you can download it but if you do use it credit it to me and my friends.
The map features a nether theme (in case it wasn't obvious). It has a Middle with 5 chests, 4 islands that are around the Middle with 3 islands coming off of the islands surrounding the middle, totalling 12 islands for players to spawn on. The glass and glowstone blocks represent plaer spawn cages. The glowstone is where a plaer spawns if only 1 player per island, the glass if there are 2-3 players per island. There could be 12 players - 36 players, depending on the server anad the size of the spawn cages.

There is an Easter Egg in the spawn island if you want to see the map author's heads.

If you like this and want to see more Skywars Maps or other builds give this a diamond and a favourite thanks!

People Who Helped:
MildlyFantastic - Head Builder
TheIceCreamLady - Co-Builder
just_that_guy52 - Co-builder
Poleroxic - Idk what he did

EDIT: I will add more pictures but I my internet is aa bit slow today.
Pictures: Resource pack is Sphax Pure BDCraft 128x plus 3D model packs, and a McPatch sky texture pack layered on top of Sphax.
Progress100% complete

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