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[Geopolitical RP] New Shandian modern country

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Vincent2k3 avatar Vincent2k3
Level 19 : Journeyman Nerd

Ladies, gentlemen, and gamers,

  My (online) friends and I have been building on a private server for quite some time now. VoyagerSix, the owner of the server, first opened it in early 2018. At first, we were mainly freebuilding everything that would go through our mind, on a superflat world. Indeed, it was believed the server wouldn't last a week, yet we turned it into a somewhat functionning contemporary city-state with a government, an army, and multiple companies scattered in diverse districts.

Who ?

- VoyagerSix, owner of the server, curent leader of the Navy, and owner of STAT (Shandian Transport Army and Technology).

- Vincent2k3, myself, owner of VAE (Vincent Advanced Engineering), and leader of the Space Force (kinda useless, I must admit)

- Clyran, co-owner of BD (BlockDrop), now inactive.

- Loop (Fazan), owner of Loops Futuristics and numerous small businesses.

- MonsterNik, Clutterclub, DiegoCBlox, among others.

What ?

The city is broken down into multiple districts like I've said before :

  - Downtown : with its high Skyline (being on a superflat world allows us to have 250 blocks high buildings). It also contains the Parliament building, the central railway station, a museum, and the quadragon (square ripoff of the pentagon).

  - The suburbs : basically a freebuild zone with small scale housings, restaurants, a theatre, ...

  - The countryside : it doesn't really exist for now, we barely have enough farms to feed the population (guess we're a soviet nation then).

  - The Seaside : A small mediterranean themed village has been built next to the sea, to give a nice and peaceful sight to newcomers and tourists. Further away, a port is fully equipped to load and refuel ships of all kind.

  - NSS (New SkyStread) : a town which emerged from an uprising. Their former leader was Clyran. The town is aimed at giving a beautiful and enjoyable environment to live in. It is nowadays a region of the Republic of New Shandian.

  - Discovery district : the most modern district of all, mixing low and medium size housings, parks, shops, offices, and an university.

  - The industrial disctrict : populated by many factories and plants, featuring a Tchernobyl inspired power plant, blast furnaces, refineries, and an important train delivery network. Most of the factories are owned by VAE and STAT.

  - Outskirts of the nation : basically every build that do not belong Inside the borders, or which are not related to the government, like CASA (NASA ripoff, Clyran Aeronautics and Space Agency) or the SCPF (minerdoublej).

How ?

- The version used is Java 1.17.1, I have OptiFine installed for shaders.
- We use WorldEdit to make it easier to build (damn, it really saves us quite some time).

If you have any idea, any advice to give us, feel free to comment.

Thank you for your attention, hope you enjoy our work !

PS : So as to respect the privacy of our server, and the rules of planetminecraft, I will not communicate further informations about the server itself, or our communications methods.
PS2 : I've tried my best to avoid structures and props that can be found in YouTube tutorials, but I may have missed some during the framing. If you are the author/related to the author and see your/their créations on the screenshots, please contact me immediately so that I can edit the page.
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2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by Vincent2k3 10/25/2021 8:41:19 amOct 25th, 2021

Currentely reorganizing many locations in the city, especially downtown.

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06/16/2021 5:09 pm
Level 1 : New Network
Tizzo avatar
Can I have the download of this map? I want to make a similar building on my friends realm.
06/17/2021 7:18 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Nerd
Vincent2k3 avatar
Hi ! Sorry, the map is quite big and is being actively developped by a bunch of people, and most importantly I am not the owner which means I do not have access to the save files.

However it might be one day available, once it'll be deemed completed enough or abandonned.

If you want more screenshots about specific buildings for you and your friends, feel free to contact me.
05/12/2020 12:35 pm
Level 48 : Master Architect
Chaos Builder
Chaos Builder avatar
What edition is this built on?
05/12/2020 12:45 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Nerd
Vincent2k3 avatar
Java Edition, 1.15.2 ! I have OptiFine Beta installed, for BSL and Chocapic shaders.
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