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[NL] KingWars

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KingWars avatar KingWars
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Welcome to project 'KingWars'.

(scroll down for more information)
[NL] KingWars Minecraft Map

"KingWars" Logo made by MeneerStoof and ObeMaxim

KingWars is a medieval/fantasy/steampunk storyline based project created by a community of Dutch YouTubers. Together they rented a small server and started a small project which grew to a size none of them would have thought.

>>>> *UPDATE* <<<<

The project will discontinue due to the lack of activity of certain players, developers and the incompatibility with future plans to update the server.
Therefore, we will continue this project with a fresh start using the Conquest Reforged mod. A downside of this is that the current map is not compatible with 1.8+, due to the meta data change.
The project will continue under the name "KingWars: Reforged".
The server will go offline on: March 25, 2017.


The history of this project:

This project started in November 2013, from the ruins of an older project. From that moment KingWars was born.

The project hosted by the following Dutch YouTubers:

- EpicGamersDGM
- WatchYeager
- MonsterNetwork (MonsterSounds)
- Rovness
- ChampTube (TheChampGames)
- Venator (TheDutchEagle)
- JWNLGamer
- Decorated (Celedrin/Clegane)
- DelGamesHD
- Rovanost
- BreathNL
- Bublade

This project has too many participants to summarize in this description.
The project is divided in states/countries. Each one has its own background story and place on the map.

The following countries in this project:

- Morgeron (EpicGamersDGM - Venator)
- Era (WatchYeager - ChampTube)
- Zharok (Rovanost)
- Aeros (DelGamesHD)
- Dubrovnik (MonsterNetwork)
- Perox (BjoetieMetPetah/BreathNL)
- Nilia (BubladeHD)
- Zepherin (Rovness)
- Blackrun (JWNLGamer)
- Gracian (Clegane/Celedrin/Decorated)
- Andal ( -hosted by everyone- )

Every country participates in the main storyline of KingWars. This storyline is hosted on every channel named on the top of this description.
Each country has its own story line.

The map:

This is the map of project KingWars (in Dutch). All the names are Dutch, some of them have an English twist.

Here the full map with detail.

[NL] KingWars Minecraft Map

Resource pack:

We are used to build with the resource pack "Conquest" that is made by MonsterFish. Because of the variety of meta data and animated stuff we can create more content than using vanilla.
We use MC 1.7.10 in combination with Optifine and Shaders for the best gameplay experience in KingWars.



Update account: KingWars Update [NL]
Project Host: EpicnezzNL
Teamspeak Host: Leon_Yeager
Maintainer/Content Creator: MonsterNetwork
KingWars Art: ObeMaxim MeneerStoof
Developers/MC server hosts: BreathNL Bublade Celedrin
Not to forget: Gielv1

The minecraft project server is hosted and financed by the admin team of KingWars.

YouTube (NL):

EpicGamersDGM (55+ episodes)

WatchYeager (35+ episodes)

ChampTube (20+ episodes)

Venator (20+ episodes)

DelGamesHD (10+ episodes)

JWNLGamer (10+ epidodes)

Art: MeneerStoof

KingWars Servers:

Server IP: {ONLY ON REQUEST - DM me} (whitelist protected)
Teamspeak IP: {ONLY ON REQUEST - DM me} (password protected)


All building credits go to the participants of this project.

Note: Project KingWars is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 International License.
The reason we have this is because many of the builders in this project had problems with people copying their work into other servers and claiming this as `their` work.

This is also the reason why we do not share the map/world. This may only happen in direct personal contact with the project hosts/developers.

The copyright of the Conquest Pack belong to MonsterFish_.

[NL] KingWars Minecraft Map

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/.
CreditClegane, EpicnezzNL, Rovanost, Rovness, Satyr, Decorated, Monsterfish_
Progress95% complete

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02/13/2016 6:06 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Miner
KingWars avatar
We already had our 2 year anniversary of the project!
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