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northpark psychiatric hospital [DOWNLOAD IS HERE!]

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Shadowdragon94's Avatar Shadowdragon94
Level 16 : Journeyman Dragon
june 2003

located 30 miles west of the city of northpark,minecraftia sits a giant abandoned complex,waiting to be explored. 

many kids at your school say the place is haunted!

the building closed just last september

so one day you and your friend went and explored this large complex which consists of around 10 buildings streching along with tons of miles of spooky underground tunnels!!

while in the B building you and your friend black out,when you wake up it is nighttime,your friend is gone! go and try to find your friend in this old spooky hospital


closed: 2002

i only have one section complete.

red=not started
orange=work in progress
blue=on hold

A building
B building
C building
D building
E building
F building
G building
H building
I building
J building
K building
24 building
3 building
14 building
45 building
underground tunnels

parking lots

A bldg- paitent units,administration,probate court,security office,admissions

B bldg-paitent units

C bldg-forensic psychiatry unit

D bldg-treatment bldg,education dept.

E bldg-union offices,staff offices,staff division

F bldg-psychogeriatric unit.

G bldg-special treatment/housing

H bldg-activity therapy center

I bldg-industrial thrapy

J bldg-maintenence

K bldg-service

24 bldg-laundry

3 bldg-staff home

14 bldg-nurses housing

41 bldg-powerhouse

here is forum where i post my projects and there are discussions bout stuff too,


ve posted a download due to me not working on it in a LONG time,i will make a (somewhat) exact replicate of nrph in the future right now i am working on a kirkbride
Progress100% complete

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download added : by Shadowdragon94 11/28/2015 1:06:43 amNov 28th, 2015

ive grew bored of this project,here is the download now!

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11/28/2015 3:33 am
Level 41 : Master Engineer
Dispharmacy's Avatar
I saw Fox River (a prison) for the first time when i looked at this. It's really impressive built.
Keep the good work up! Diamond for yoU!
08/29/2015 3:44 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Dragon
Shadowdragon94's Avatar
thanks for the comment on this project! sorry i havet been on in a while,ive been very buzy with school and other stuff.

the D building is going to be completed by end of next week
08/19/2015 9:29 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
RenSquared's Avatar
Just now saw your comment on my post. Thanks! I'm also very much looking foward to this also! If you need any help let me know!
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