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Octavian (Central Capital)

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Bedrock Edition
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Octavian, SK, SKY
(Octavian, Sky State, Skyline)
Octavian Fandom
Real-Time World Map

Country: Skyline

Owners/Builders: Elijah Jones, Ammon Jones +More

Building Years: 2014 - present

Location Founded: 2014
City Founded: 2014

State: Sky

Country Border: None

Region: Mid East

Regional District: Central

Biome Height: 65 - 70

Biome: Giant Sequoia [​partial], Oak Tree Biome/Mountain Biome [​partial]

Metropolitan: Harlie, Adaline, Lillah, Griffin, Rosewood, Sphinx, Brooklyn C, Maria, Woodland

Regional Cities: Chaseloke, Harlie, Brooklyn C, Adaline

Ruling Years: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018[​partial]

Famous Landmarks/Structures: Octavian Castle, EK Sign 2015, Elijah's Mansion, Dedication Wall, Mini Needle, 2017 Eiffel Tower, Kinlee's Island, Octavian Hotel [​complex] Octavian Bridge, Azervan Bridge, Octavian Dam

Named After: Octavian [​mythology]

Octavian is the eldest city out of the entire world. Octavian began construction in 2014 on the Classic Edition of Minecraft [​ps3] before later conversions to the ps4, ps5 and Bedrock Editions. The city has a rich history, and began with the "Forming System" after Octavian's Castle was largely destroyed by online players in Summer 2014. The city had a fault, and the city itself began construction. Octavian is the largest city out of all five districts. It is "independent" politically labeled. And has a mild weather climate ranging from cold winters to hot summers. Octavian has a rainy season as well. But it's not nearly as rainy as some of the other districts like Valance and Razalia. Octavian has a massive metropolitan area, Harlie is situated to the north complex. And most of Harlie acts as an electronic powerhouse to Octavian, while Griffin supplies the oil, and Maria supplies another power grid. Rosewood is mostly known for it's famous residents, Rosewood is Southwest of Octavian's extremity district. The city delayed construction in 2018, when Razalia started beginning construction. It's final skyscraper as of [​May 2021] was the Lavaria Restraunt, which was constructed in November 2018. And last but not least the Octavian Dam, which was constructed in September 2014. Is a massive dam that took the entire month to construct. It serves as a major power source to Octavian and the central district and it's cities alone
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01/07/2023 5:11 pm
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Can anyone help with download options/link?
10/28/2022 2:35 pm
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I'm never gonna stop playing in this map
01/19/2022 8:36 pm
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This is unrealistically cool

03/17/2024 9:05 pm
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How do you get it?
06/13/2021 2:55 am
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download link pls
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