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Harlow (North Capital)

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Bedrock Edition
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Harlow, JC
(Harlow, Jesla Country)
Harlow Fandom
Real-Time World Map

Country: Jesla

Owners/Builders: Elijah Jones (2022 - present)

Shows: Elijah Jones/ 2023 new IP

Campaign: Redstone

Building Years: 2021 - present

Location Founded: 2021

City Founded: 2022

Province: Lofall

Region: Polar North / Crescent Northwest / NCM

Regional District: North / Polar North

Biome Height: 105 - 130 +

**please note that certain areas of Harlow advances to well below -0, and other regional areas in the Lofall Mountains to 319 Height. The city itself averages 115 in height. Harlow has an extremely rugged terrain.

Biome: Sitka Evergreen Spruce Forest/Snow Biome, Jagged Mountains, Snowy Slopes, Oceanic

Metropolitan: West Harlow, Raquelle, Sapphire, Khaleesi, Orvyn, Elowah, Gallow (more to be announced) TBA

Regional Cities: Razalia, Taholah, Grizzly, Baylie, Oxland, Coralie, Aspen, Elowah, Alouette

- Sapphire [ snapshot 1.18 only, experimental ]

Major Cities / Polar North
Oxland, Grizzly, Alouette

Regional Port Trades: West Harlow Port, Coralie Port, Razalia's Northport

Ruling Years: 2022 (Present) major

Famous Landmarks/Structures: Jesla Star, CN Tower, Harlow Mountain, Sapphire Mountain, Khaleesi Mountain, Rayna Mountain, Golden Gate Bridge, Lofall Mountains, (more to be announced "TBA")

Named After: TBA


Harlow Is a massive, fictional Minecraft city in Jesla Country. The city was founded in 2021 but officially began construction in 2022. Harlow, is surrounded by the tallest mountains in Sky World, full of jagged snowy peaks. Tall waterfalls, massive cave systems, and lush evergreen forests. The epicenter of the north, also known as the Polar North, Harlow is a major ruling city, headquarters to Jesla Country. And the heart of the redstone campaign.


The city began construction soon after Razalia came to a halt and rejected ruling for Skyline Country, so that Razalia would be in partial ruling with it's northwestern neighbor, Harlow. After the campaign began. Harlow took four months before primary construction began in January 2022. When Razalia, came to a halt and rejected ruling for Skyline in 2022. Both Razalia and Harlow began a treaty and a movement called the

"Harlow Movement"

this movement is detailed and fully explained in Razalia's northwest center of law control, and is also centered in Harlow's law control center. Though both cities are in different countries. Razalia's extremely close proximity to Jesla Country and the cities within Southern Jesla allowed for ruling in parts of Jesla Country, whereas cities such as Oxland, Aspen and Hadley in Central and Northern Jesla Country are ruled by Harlow. In addition, the extremity north regions of Jesla's outskirts, called "Polar North" is also ruled by Harlow in full.


Harlow is classified as an Cfb oceanic climate. With strong influence of subarctic winds that draw from the north - southward towards Harlow and much of the lower regions in southwestern JC. The city is known for being extremely overcast, rainy and dreary. Other cities classified within this climate sub-types include Oxland, Taholah, Saylor, Elowah, Ellie’s Town and Razalia. Although, Razalia and Taholah are rarely influenced by subarctic winds and has a more mild climate than its northerly neighbors.

Ruling Status/ Connections

Harlow is a ruling city to Jesla Country and is a secondary ruling city to the Crescent Northwest Region as per the "Harlow Movement" that Razalia and Harlow has made.


Harlow has so far won significant and major awards online. But is still brand new to the MC system and will likely develop overtime.

Razalia and Harlow, Movement Campaign 2021/2022

Razalia was a ruling city to Jesla Country "Sky World's northern most country out of the Extremity North Regions" until September 2021 when, Harlow stepped in. Harlow is the largest city of this region, Sky Worlds most advanced city in terms of the redstone campaign, a major regional redstone trading center, heart of the Polar North and North Territories. When the city stepped in for ruling over Jesla Country. Razalia, a major city to the northern trade has opted out of ruling in the year 2022 and decided to co-join ruling with Harlow for Jesla Country on certain terms. Harlow and Razalia are both a major epicenter to the northern trades. And rules over Taholah, Baylie and Coralie over secondary terms. Whereas Harlow has full ruling over Oxland, Aspen and Alouette. And Razalia has full ruling over Tayberry and Noland.

Other Info

Harlow, though began construction in late 2021. Is in a world that has been in construction since June 2014.
Progress65% complete

24 Update Logs

Update #24 - Port Of Elowah : by Sky Pixel 04/29/2024 2:46:13 amApr 29th

New updates!

- Worked on landscaping around Elowah
- Building new city, Elowah
- New road / Columbia HWY.
- Added Port Of Elowah
- Regional edits around Athena Mountain Pass
- Edits around the Harlow area.

Future works, this May.
- Building in and around the Oxland road pass to Algary.
- fixing R-19 east of Harlow mountain pass / Nival Pass
- adding Lillooet Island
- Changing Athena Mountain Pass biome / snowy - spring.

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