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Razalia, (North District) Skyline Country

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Bedrock Edition
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Razalia, RA, SKY
(Razalia, Raina State, Skyline)
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It's pronounced "Ray-zay-lee-uh" ...lol

Country: Skyline
& (partially Jesla Country)

Owners/Builders: Elijah Jones, Razilee Blackmon

Shows: Razilee and Elijah/ Elijah Jones

Building Years: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Location Founded: 2016
City Founded: 2019

State: Raina

Country Border: Jesla

Region: Crescent Northwest

Regional District: North

Political Status: Liberal

Biome Height: 65 - 80

Biome: Giant Sequoia/Evergreen Spruce Forest/Snow Biome

Metropolitan: Raspberry, Reno, Lilac, Starlite, Jayline

Regional Cities: Noland, Tayberry, Taholah, Grizzly, Baylie, Oxland, Coralie, Aspen, Harlow

- Sapphire [ snapshot 1.18 only, experimental ]

Major Cities/Crescent Northwest Region
Razalia, Tayberry

Major Cities/Polar North Region
Harlow, Oxland, Aspen

Regional Port Trades: Coralie Port, Razalia's Northport

Ruling Years: 2019, 2020, 2021 (Present)

Famous Landmarks/Structures: Space Needle, Eiffel Tower, Potion Tower, Razalia Lighthouse. Systeria Cruise, Roseberry Castle, Glass Garden, Razilee and Elijah Sign.

Named After: Razilee and Elijah

Razalia began construction soon after Octavian, the central district. In January 2019. It was named after two friends, Razilee, and Elijah. Razalia is still in construction. It has four other metropolitan area's. Raspberry and Reno to the north complex, Starlite to the west, and Lilac to the east of the cities downtown region. Much of the city is situated on a isthmus and many waterfalls that fall off the edge of the river to Razalia's lush underground complex, known as Vayline. The city also suffers (when on weather cycle) many rain and thunderstorms due to the biome it is situated in. Razalia is the most liberal city out of the five districts.

During the fall and winter months. Razalia suffers from major rain/thunderstorms. With below freezing temperatures. Generally the rainy season runs from September to June. With July, and August being it's "Primal Season" for it's lush foliage. During these two months Razalia has a lot of undergrowth. From November to February, Razalia can suffer some winter storms. Blizzards happen generally two or three times every other year. Razalia is known to have an "extreme" weather pattern that can change from mild and cool summers, to severe winters. The city is also prone to fog. From September, to April. Razalia is prone to intense fog.

Razalia is a massive city, and one of the five major districts in Skyline world. It is the northernmost district, surrounded by tall evergreens, water, mountains. And more

Ruling Status/ Connections
Razalia is a ruling city to the Northern region of Skyline by default and a secondary ruling city to Jesla Country in the north, and is a main ruling city to Skyline Country in the years 2019, 2020 and 2021. It has opted out of ruling for 2022 to become part of the future updates in 2022 onward, connecting upcoming cities in 2022 such as Harlow, Sapphire and Oxland.

Razalia has won several awards online that can be found in Reddit, MC Community, Mojang's Article Lists and more. The city, like many others in this world arose to fame in these communities in 2021.

Razalia and Harlow, Movement Campaign 2021/2022
Razalia was a ruling city to Jesla Country "Sky World's northern most country out of the Extremity North Regions" until September 2021 when, Harlow stepped in. Harlow is the largest city of the North, Sky Worlds most advanced city, a major regional refstone trading center, heart of the Polar North and North Territories. When the city stepped in for ruling over Jesla Country. Razalia, a major city to the northern trade has opted out of ruling for 2022 and decided to co-join ruling with Harlow for Jesla Country on certain terms. Harlow and Razalia are both a major epicenter to the north. And rules over Taholah, Baylie and Coralie over secondary terms. Whereas Harlow has full ruling over Oxland, Aspen and Hadley. And Razalia has full ruling over Tayberry and Noland.
Both Harlow and Razalia are connecting cities and have friendship ties currently. However, Razalia has no ties with Octavian anymore, which has lead Octavian and Razalia to a new current dilemma for 2022.

Other Info
Razalia is one district out of five, the others being. "Octavian" (the central district) "Skyhaven" the western district. "Valance" to the east and "Klaxikin" to the far south.

Razalia, though began construction in late 2018 to early 2019. Is in a world that has been in construction since summer 2014.
Progress85% complete

35 Update Logs

Update #35 - Changing Techniques : by Skyline_World 06/11/2022 1:43:59 pmJun 11th

Changing Design and Techniques in specific areas of Razalia

- Removed 6 large evergreen trees near the space needle, added a base center.
- Removed three large evergreen trees in north downtown Razalia to open up space.
- Added DX center in the works in RaeTac
- Added two new “Harlow Method” Road systems in south Razalia
- Added a temporary flag at the top of the Space Needle

Part 2 - Future Projections
- Adding a completely new immersive road system in Razalia
- Removing several large trees in downtown Razalia, and replacing areas for higher and intense foliage for an immersive survival design
- Adding an extra downtown, currently unnamed, undisclosed area. And a survival base center for players.
- Adding a whole new immersive feel for Razalia

Part 3 will be focusing on an entire new remake in terms of an official immersion, which will be coming towards the second half of 2022

+more updates soon.

Other Updates other than Razalia
- Harlow will have an extensive update as well, Morley is a new city in the eastern region, in a Mangrove Swamp.

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