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Optimized Village!

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barrel_maker's Avatar barrel_maker
Level 58 : Grandmaster Architect
This village is designed to be as efficient as possible without looking like a breeding station. There are eight houses with eight doors each, which means there is a total of 64 doors. According to several websites I used to study the villager reproduction mechanism, this number of doors is high enough for up to 22 villagers to spawn over time (provided you have at least two to start with, obviously). The entire village is protected by a wall and the inside is equipped with enough light to keep mobs from spawning. The only possible danger to your villagers is a zombie siege. But they only happen during the night and as far as I can tell, all you have to do to prevent one is to stay outside the zone which the game considers "the village". Since the design is symmetrical, the well should be the center of the village once every door has been used by a villager. So most of the village lies within the walls and it is very likely that not crossing this barrier is sufficient.

Please feel free to use my designs anywhere you want. However, please don't publicly pass them off as your own by using them in a video or re-uploading them to your profile without providing a link to the original project. Thank you.

This is the texture pack I used for the screenshots:
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