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PKP777 avatar PKP777
Level 36 : Artisan Pokemon
Short Lore:
Steve gets help from the PMC-Army and because the information regarding the barbarians is very vague, they go all out with
defending this important valley and his friend. His friend who forgot to mention that he lives basically in the ruins of a long lost
ancient kingdom that also defended the valley, helps Steve and the PMC-Army to start building up the defences and they brace themselves with all the resources and equipment they can find.

I had two ideas for this project. First I wanted to build a star fortress, only medieval style. But then I thought a lot of people are going to build fortresses.
So I build a fortress with a military base and modern vehicles to get as much stuff as possible.

-7 tank designs
-trucks and construction machines
-a few train designs
-4 helicopter designs
-aircraft carrier + jets
-and more... (mobile radar, robot, rockets)

I took me longer to build then I imagined so I don´t know if i have time to change or add anything,
but I would still like your ideas about the project in the comments.

Some Coordinates for people that want to teleport to specific stuff:
Main Fortress: 1066 57 1024
Railway gun: 761 50 927
Aircraft carrier: 1238 54 1268
Helicopter Hill: 1043 71 1252
Real Steve´s friend 1032 30 1019
Barbarian bait A: 1463 118 744
Barbarian bait B: 662 106 1327
construction site: 1150 30 738
Barbarian Wyvern Scout: 1157 106 468

If there are problems with the download please let me know so i can fix it befor the deadline.
Progress100% complete

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07/18/2016 3:39 pm
Level 73 : Legendary Crafter
JohnnyCoolwater avatar
great dude =) its funny how this big carrier got in this Big ozean xD
06/09/2016 3:59 pm
Level 44 : Master Toast
North Garms
North Garms avatar
so many great concepts! love the idea of bait especially!
06/09/2016 12:32 pm
Level 27 : Expert Unicorn
NamedCow750 avatar
I love those walls. Good luck in the competition!

One thing I find strange, however, is you have an aircraft carrier in a lake... Wouldn't it be easier to build an airport (thinking of real life) instead of creating an aircraft carrier which can't actually move very well and could easily be sunk if enough damage is done to the hull and then the aircraft would find it harder to land and refuel, especially since the land is mountainous.
06/05/2016 8:38 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Warrior
Loriun avatar
Its amazing..keep up the great work, you probably will win!
06/05/2016 1:13 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Necromancer
adam99legend avatar
verryy coool
06/03/2016 11:31 pm
Level 80 : Elite Fox
CraftyFoxe avatar
I like your creativity and effort you put into this, I downloaded and looked around the world and I feel the screenshots you put up now don't do it justice like you didn't show everything like the underground.
06/04/2016 3:09 am
Level 36 : Artisan Pokemon
PKP777 avatar
I quckliy updated but i dont have enough time
Thanks for your comment.
06/03/2016 10:55 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Architect
Friendly123 avatar
This is actually pretty cool. I have a feeling this will be looked over by a lot of people though.
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